MLMT 214: Your Secret Weapon To Increase Sales

MLM Trigger Episode #214

We talked about email conversion rates and today let’s talk about how you can create a successful email marketing campaign. Lead Generation

Did you know that over 50% of people say that emails influence their purchasing decisions? So if you want to earn more conversions for your MLM business, you need to have an email marketing in place.

And the crucial part is email sequencing, which helps you engage with your prospects more effectively and drive them towards conversion.

But what is email sequence? An email sequence is a series of emails sent to a prospect based on specific actions they take — these emails are triggered automatically by an email software. These sequences help you automate the email process at different stages as they move through the sales funnel. And make it easy to engage and nurture your leads.

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Email sequences requires time, patience and to be attentive to your audience to create trust. It means understanding the various needs a prospect has as they move through each part of the MLM sales funnel. Don’t rush through the process.

Email sequencing is valuable to your business because it helps you keep people ENGAGED with your brand/attractive character and with your product or services.

Email sequences operate on time delay… you send emails based on a specific time that passes and you send emails trigger-based on actions your audience does.

You don’t have to create an email every time someone completes a specific action or a particular period passes. You can set it up to automatically occur, which saves you time while also keeping your subscribers engaged.

When you send a sequence of emails, you create a logical progression of interaction that ultimately guides your prospects to where you want them to go. The sequence also makes it easy for you to target people who haven’t interacted with your business in a while. Not only does it help you keep people engaged, but it helps you save time with composing emails.

Now that we’ve gone through some broad characteristics of email sequences, it’s time to take a look at specific email automation examples that serve dedicated purposes. Let’s set the tone for your business with the WELCOME email sequence that enables you to say hello to new subscribers and introduce them to your MLM company.

Imagine if you walked into a restaurant and the hostess didn’t greet you and takes you to a table and hands you a menu without saying a word. That would leave a negative impression because you weren’t welcomed or acknowledged as customers. But by greeting and acknowledging your presence, the hostess can set a positive first impression of the restaurant.

The same goes for your business — if you don’t greet subscribers when they join your list, you risk setting a negative first impression with them.

Then, you can move into the ENGAGEMENT email sequence with the purpose to build deeper relationships with your prospects. When you use engagement email sequences, your goal is to get your subscribers to take smaller actions that lead to more significant conversions.

Netflix is an excellent example of this engagement sequence. They offer personalized recommendations based on shows people watched to help keep them engaged and subscribed to their service.

Then, next you want to focus on the CONVERSION email sequence. Its purpose is to turn someone on your email list into a converting lead. These conversion emails often provide prospects with the last bit of information or persuasion they need to purchase.

Then, next one is the FOLLOW-UP email sequence. The purpose is to re-engage subscribers after completing a specific action. This sequence occurs after someone made a purchase, used your services or join your MLM opportunity.

Follow-up sequences work exceptionally well if the email shows a discount code that people can use if they decide to complete and purchase within a few days or that offer will expire. Follow this approach and make people aware of the urgency and what they’ll lose by not following through with an immediate action.

Now that you know what email sequences are and why you should use them… You also know how to cause the responses you want from your customer base.

Use these email sequences types to build strong engagement and convert your prospects into customers to grow your revenue
You’re ready to set-up your email sequences for your network marketing business…

LISTEN: ▶️ Your Secret Weapon To Increase Sales

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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