MLMT 15: Your Exact Business Formula

MLM Trigger Episode #15

Today we are going to talk about how to better understand yourself and how to bring more happiness into what you are doing in your business and your life.

How can you set-up your business that works for you?

There is a multitude of different ways to build a business, and as an entrepreneur, you may be seduced into the way of growing a business that may not feel aligned with your core beliefs and personality. 

Kind of like… In our MLM company we are given one fit all strategy” but if you are like me… If the thoughts of cold calling strangers and hard-selling until the person pulls out their credit card, fills you with anxiety…

Then remember that there’s more than one way to build a successful business.

Choose a business-building strategy that...

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May you be wealthier,


The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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