MLMT 144: Your Consistent Call Out

MLM Trigger Episode #144

Today let’s talk about the way to communicate your consistent call out – the VISION of the future that they want.

The second piece you need in order to create a mass movement is a future-based cause. Our job as expert and leader is to help bring people to higher ground, so you do that by painting a vision of the future that they want.

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To move them from where they are to where they want to be, you have to give your followers hope of something BETTER so they will be open to the change you are going to offer them.

You need to capture that message in a simple calling that you could put on a campaign sign or add it at the end of every email you send out.

It’s the theme, the constant and consistent call out to your audience reminding them of the vision that they have put their faith and hope into.

The certainty people get when they see someone else do something they thought was impossible, it gives them the belief they need to also achieve that same goal.

As you shift your focus to helping others accomplish the same results, you’ll notice something strange will happen inside of your movement.

Your focus will be taken off of you making money, and into giving results to others, and for some odd reason, as soon as you make that shift in your thinking, almost instantly you’ll start making more money.

Now that you’ve helped people to see the vision of where you are taking them, the next goal is to get them to identify with your movement. People need to be able to identify with who they are in your group, or there will be no connection with you or the other members.

When someone joins you, they need to be able to identify by saying, “I’m a ____ The New MLM Norm______.” When your audience can do that, they have an identity shift, which is very important.

They get a new identity as part of the group. They become like a new person, putting the past behind them and looking toward their new future. On top of that, they’ll become your TRUE fans—the ones who will purchase anything and everything you produce.

Your culture needs a mission statement/manifesto. Something they can look at when they’re feeling doubtful… Something that will help them know who YOU are, remind them who THEY are, and refocus them on where you are going together.

You can created a manifesto, about what is wrong in our MLM industry.

What are the things I hate about the MLM business that I felt… kind of like “marketing the old fashion way” and this is something that my audience would resonate with…

Create your core values from the manifesto and made them bolder, something people would stand behind. People who resonate with it, will join your cause and those who don’t will be pushed away. Do you see how powerful that is?

Then create a short video—only a minute long. But… clearly defines who you are and what your cause is all about. People who resonate with that message are going to say, “HECK, yeah!” and then they’ll join your organization or buy your products and services. Those who don’t get it will just move on. It’s a natural selection for the true believers.

Quick recap of the core things you need to create for your future-based cause:

-You need to paint a vision of the future that they want.
-You need to capture that message in a simple calling where can they place their hope and faith into it.
-Help them realize that they can do it too.
-Let them self-identify.
-Create a mission statement/manifesto that will cast a vision, create hope and give people the faith they need to move forward and make change.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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