MLMT 121: What Is Your Leadership Identity

MLM Trigger Episode #121

Today we are going to talk about the types of identities of your Attractive Character in order to communicate with your audience.

Your Attractive Character will typically take on one of the following types of identities. Once you go over the choices, the right one will probably jump out at you. When you get your identity together, it’s going to shape how you communicate and interact with your audience.

  1. The Leader
  2. The Adventurer
  3. The Reporter
  4. The Reluctant Hero

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    The Leader: The identity of the leader is usually that someone has the potential to influence and motivate others. Most leaders have achieved some results and drive their audiences to a common vision. The leader knows the hurdles and pitfalls that his/her audience will likely face on the journey to get their ultimate results. Usually because the end result has already been achieved by the leader so, audience has come looking for help along that same path.

    The Adventurer: The adventurer is usually someone who is very curious, but he/she doesn’t always have all of the answers. So he/she sets out on a journey to discover the ultimate truth and brings back treasures from their journey and share them with their audience.

    The Reporter: This identity is often one that people use when they have not yet get the end result to share with an audience, but have a desire to do. So they put on the hat of the reporter and go out to discover the truth. Typically, people who use this identity interview hundreds of people and share those interviews and all they’ve learned along the way, with their audience.

    The Reluctant Hero: This is the humble hero who doesn’t really want the spotlight over his/her discoveries. But knows the information he/she has so important that they must overcome their shyness and share them with the world. There is a moral duty that compels them to share all they know. The spotlight is uncomfortable, but they need to be there.

    Stories are a great way to communicate with your audience. Here are some basic storylines that businesses use over and over again in emails, sales letters, landing pages, and other communications. They use them because they work. Each one is crafted for a specific purpose. Once you learn how to utilize these storylines, you will see for yourself how powerful they are and want to use them over and over in different ways.

    The word “Loss” in your STORYLINE: Loss stories are very powerful because they show the upside of going through hardship or meeting challenges.

    “I had everything. I was on top of the world. Life was great. Then __ happened. I had to figure my way out of . But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went through __, and I learned____. Now I ____.”

    You want to use the word “Us instead Them” and the unique goal to use “US” in your storyline is to create polarity within your audience. Using these types of stories will draw your raving fans closer to you and push away the outsiders.

    Before and After STORYLINE: These are stories of transformation, and they work great in any market. For example, in the weight-loss market, you might say, “First I was fat. Then I tried Program X. Now I’m skinny.” “First I was _________. Now I’m ___________.”

    Amazing Discovery STORYLINE: These stories are huge for selling webinars because they help people believe that the answer they have been searching for is finally available to them. “Oh my gosh... wait til you hear about this amazing new thing I just discovered! You’re not going to believe it, but I ————-! I wasn’t sure it would work, but it’s amazing. You’ve got to try it!”

    Secret Telling STORYLINE: The lure of secrets draws the reader into your funnel and up your Value Ladder. “I’ve got a secret ... if you want to find out what it is, you need to do ___________.”

    Third-Person Testimonial: Sharing other people’s successes with your MLM products and opportunities provide powerful social proof. Get as many third-person testimonials from your customers and associates as you can. Then sprinkle them throughout your stories.

    So it’s time to zero in on a story and start assembling your Attractive Character identity, your stories, your flaws, and your line in the sand.This vital communication tool and these stories are powerful motivators, and you should use them as often as you can.

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