MLMT 199: What EXACTLY Is A Bridge Funnel

MLM Trigger Episode #199

We talked about the difference between a Sales Funnel and a Landing Page. Today let’s go deeper into the what a bridge funnel is and why you need one for your MLM business.

Bringing products closer to customers is the concern of all network marketers. This is why using a BRIDGE FUNNEL can make the difference in your business.

So what is a Bridge Funnel?

It’s a marketing strategy that improves your conversion rates by connecting the gap between the customer and the product. It’s a quick and easy way to sell products by providing quick solutions to the problems.

This is because selling a product is not an easy task at all and this is why you should resolve the problem first. Once you have solved their problem by following your advice, they will buy whatever you sell them.

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As a network marketer, you are selling the MLM company’s service or product. So you will highlight the product or service of your company in front of your prospects. The main topic of your discussion will be how they will benefit from your company’s product. You can even give a tutorial or a guideline on how to get the most out of using that product.

With problem solving opportunity, you can represent your service or product as a solution to that problem. People will think you have a very good idea about that problem. As a result, they will purchase the product from you.

How to create Bridge Funnel that converts? You have to first understand where the product awareness comes from, and how they come to you. Once you understand this, you can easily convert cold lead to warm lead.

You have to understand whether or not people are really benefiting from your solution and how much the product will actually benefit them. Along with this, you have to present everything very clearly so that the visitor can easily understand the solution to their problems. You have to avoid the use of difficult words, because you didn’t come here to teach English literature to anyone.

Remember that a bridge funnel is not about selling your product or service. You should not suddenly ask anyone to buy. The goal is to make people aware of your offer with a sense of trust, credibility and they will want to take action to move forward.

Here is an example… Suppose you are working with a nutrition niche. Your products will be a body strengthener that provides nutrients. So first of all, you should bring them to a landing page where they can get free information about how to increase body weight.

This is like a landing page on how to increase weight. So the visitors will visit this page and read everything. But in reality, they will not apply it in real life. This is because people are lazy by nature. Then you should explain why people are underweight. There must be science-based explanations so that everyone becomes impressed.

If you do everything properly, then the visitor will hear what you have to say. So you should tell them that using the product everyone can easily increase their weight and most people will desperately want to buy your product. This is how cold leads can be slowly converted to sales.

A Bridge Funnel is a quick and easy way to sell products by providing quick solutions to their problems. As a marketer you need to learn why you should solve the problem first. People want easy solutions to all their problems. So first you have to be a friend, develop relationship and then you have to understand their problem and give a solution that really removed their pain.

You can tailored your bridge funnel to your own MLM business until it becomes popular by tweaking it and it will keep growing with time. Making you money and take your business to the next level

LISTEN: ▶️ What EXACTLY Is A Bridge Funnel

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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