MLMT 250:  Unlock and Resolve Your Prospect Pain Points

MLM Trigger Episode #250

We talked about about the second awareness stage, when the visitor is aware of the problem. And today let’s talk about the third stage witch is solution aware.

The solution-aware visitor knows there’s a solution, but they can’t decide which product is the best for them. Your visitors know the result they want, but not that your product provides it and may have little to no knowledge of your brand or offerings.

The solution-aware stage is all about your prospect’s pain and how your products is the solution. These shoppers know which product category they need to shop in and how it would help solve their problems and get them closer to hitting their goal. They just don’t know which product is exactly right for them.

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At this stage, buyers have recognized the existence of a problem that requires a solution. They are actively seeking help and investing time in learning about the available options in the market. They may not even know your product exists. These buyers are in the consideration stage and are looking for claims and proof regarding the viability of your solution.

This is the point at which your prospect begins to warm up. They are not quite ready to purchase just yet but are getting there.

Unlike your problem aware customers, solutions aware customers may respond most positively to content that focuses on the value of your products or services. They understand how to solve their issue, but have little to no knowledge of how your MLM product can help.

Consider creating personalized marketing efforts for these customers that include:

1- eBook

2- How to video

3- Case study and testimonials of your products

4- Blogging

5- Free samples

Once you’ve made them aware about your brand, you can begin to target the solution aware customers. Here, you are offering more than just information about their problem. You are telling them exactly how your solution is the best on the market. This is where brand positioning is key.

It’s essential to go after customers in these stages of awareness, especially if you’re trying to build a brand with a loyal following. Everyone loves a discount, but if you focus too much on selling, you risk losing customers if they are undercut by a competitor.

Why it’s important to target the right customer at the right stage of awareness?

Have you ever been annoyed by a hostess shoving a menu in your face while you walk past a restaurant. Whether in person or online, sending people the wrong messages at the wrong time can give them a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to your brand. That’s why it’s so important to base your content on the stages of awareness.

Determining their level of awareness will not only help you find more customers, it will help you find the right customers at the right time. The more connected customers feel to your brand the more likely they will return and spend money. A successful personalized strategy helps achieve that goal.

As a network marketer, you may want to learn more about customer awareness. Understanding the different levels of customer awareness can help your personalize your advertising efforts for various types of potential consumers. It also helps you build trust with your target audience, raise brand awareness and increase revenue.

LISTEN: ▶️ Unlock and Resolve Your Prospect Pain Points

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