MLMT 208: The Specific Stages Of The Sales Process

MLM Trigger Episode #208

We are going deeper into the components needed to create an effective MLM sales funnel.

A sales funnel usually consists of making people aware of your business and what you can offer them… At that point they are (Unaware).

The goal is finding those in your target market and educating them on your product or services… At that point they become a (Lead)

Then engaging with those who have expressed interest. At this point they became a (Prospect)

When you convert prospects into purchasers. they are now (Customers)

You want to develop fans who tell others about your MLM business and continue to buy your products or join your MLM opportunity. These are your dream customers (Fans)

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The Unaware stage: Its usually the first step of a marketing funnel. During this phase you’re simply trying to make potential customers aware of your brand.

You can start refining your target customers while telling them about how they can benefit from your products or services.

Give people something free in exchange for their email address. You should always be thinking of ways to get emails from your potential customers.

Building awareness can be done in several different ways.
Content marketing — Advertising — Social Media — Email Marketing — Blogging — Podcasting — — Live Video like youtube or FB or LinkedIN.

The Lead Stage: A lead is someone in your targeted market who may or not have heard of your industry and has not made effort to engage with your business.

At this stage, you are speaking directly to the people you think your product or services can help. This is when you want to supply them with content that helps them evaluate both you and your products. It’s important for your leads to be able to access information that will help them differentiate you from everyone else.

Don’t try to rush things by pushing for a sale during the lead stage. The lead stage is about developing trust and educating people. You want them to know why you are an expert in this field and are the best choice to solve their problem.

This can be done by sending them information that you know they are interested in. You have a call to action on that page to submit their email to request for more information. Once you have their email, now you have a prospect and can move them further down the MLM sales funnel.

The Prospect Stage: A Prospect is further along the sales funnel process than a lead. They have taken action—such as signing up for an email list or following you on social media—that shows they have an interest for what you have to offer.

This is where relationship building comes in. A well thought out sales funnel can increase your conversion rates substantially. Interact directly with people and offer them education and help, not just product pitches. Prospects will want different content while moving through the sales funnel, so don’t send them the same type of emails you are sending your leads.

The Customer Stage: Your prospect has turned into a customer. This is where everyone who has a product to sell would like to be, but only a limited number of people who are interested in that product will become a repeat customer. So give your customers reminders about the opportunity to purchase more of your products or services.

At this stage, it’s a good time to create an offer—like a discounted purchase. This strategy is known as an up-sell. Don’t abandon your customer. Remember that it is always easier to retain a current customer than trying to attract a new one. At this point you need to focus on retention—turning a one-time buyer into a repeat customer and better yet a FAN — an ASSOCIATE.

The Fan Stage: Don’t think that once the person has purchased your product or services… you can now return to hunting for more leads. Don’t make this mistake…Don’t think that the sales process is finished because your service or product has been purchased. Once you have these types of customers, work to keep them.

Customers who receive personal attention will feel that they made the right choice. Your existing customers have already purchased from you more than once, they TRUST you and they are a reliable source of revenue.

Fans will continue to buy your product and maybe join your MLM opportunity. They will recommend you to friends, family and others. These people are the ones that leave glowing reviews about your services or products you offer.

This is the most rewarding stage because there is nothing better than a warm lead from a customer and word-of-mouth referrals will spread like wildfire.

It’s time you start creating high-performing marketing and MLM sales funnels

LISTEN: ▶️ The Specific Stages Of The Sales Process

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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