MLMT 133: The Psychology Behind Funnels

MLM Trigger Episode #133

We talked about the different categories of the building blocks and now all you have to do in order to build your own funnels is put them together.

To build your own funnels you want to combine the building blocks any way you like, but they need to be tested in order to have a proven funnel that works.
Then you can use them over and over and over again, because they work.

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Free-Plus-Shipping: It’s a way to qualify buyers by giving them something of great value for free. If you create a great product and give it away for free, it is the perfect bait and gets one of your products into the hands of a new customer.

There is no better way than a free-plus-shipping offer to provide value up front and get the buyer interested in ascending. This tactic is the best way to find out which of your subscribers are also buyers.

You need to learn how each of these funnels functions and see how to use different funnels for different steps on the Value Ladder. Funnels have a psychology behind them, and you need to use a different psychological approach for a low-priced introductory product vs. a high-ticket package.

The basic psychology goes back to the product awareness we discussed when we were talking about traffic temperature. How you speak to your prospects depends on where they are on the product awareness scale.

Cold traffic is probably only aware of the problem they are facing. They don’t know you or your products, so they need to start at the front of the Value Ladder with a low- level funnel, like a Free-Plus-Shipping or Self-Liquidating-Offer Funnel.

These funnels are proven to work on cold traffic, people who don’t know you or the solution you’re providing. Then these potential customers will start to warm up to you after they start going through your communication funnel— and building a bond with the Attractive Character “You”.

As they do, you can start introducing bigger ticket products through the funnels — in the middle of the Value Ladder. These mid-priced offers using maybe a Perfect Webinar Funnel, Invisible Funnel, or Product-Launch Funnel. Each of these funnels go into more detail about the solution you’re providing with your product… so the sales funnel is a little different.

Hot traffic, they already know you, like you, and trust you. They know your products, so it’s time to direct them to the backend as you focus on the highest level of service you can offer. Because these offers have a greater price, you probably aren’t going to be able to close many sales using online methods alone. You need to change the selling environment and get the prospect on the phone or meet with them or to a live event.

The High-Ticket is a Two-Step Funnel.

You are going to need the sales scripts, the sales letters and the sales videos to include in your funnels. You’ll want to tweak them by adding in the details for your MLM company and MLM market/product. Think of these scripts like a framework—all the elements you need are there, and you simply add in the details.

Before we go through these funnels and scripts, there are things to keep in mind:

1. These funnels start on the landing page. They do not cover the traffic temperature or the pre-frame bridge. They are the sales mechanisms designed to move a person from being a completely anonymous visitor to becoming a paying customer. Traffic and pre-frame are important elements, too, so be sure to consider them carefully when deciding which funnel to use.

2. When you’re ready to move the customers on your Value Ladder, all you have to do is create a new funnel. These people now will be considered warm traffic, so you can treat them like old friends and approach your funnels from that perspective.

3. Some of these funnels and scripts are short. Some are very long and involved. The higher up on the Value Ladder you are, the more selling you have to do and the longer your script will be.

The core funnel moves people from the traffic stage all the way up the Value Ladder. Let’s understand the big picture and how everything ties together.

The traffic that we control, we drive them to a squeeze page.

The traffic that we don’t control, we drive them to a blog where somewhere on the page you collect their email addresses. As soon as someone joins, they become traffic that we own. And we start sending them the Email Sequence so that they can build a relationship with “you” the Attractive Character. When that sequence is done, we start sending weekly broadcasting emails to help them ascend through the other offerings on our Value Ladder.

Now, immediately after a person joins your list, through either the squeeze page or the blog, they are taken to your first frontend offer on your Value Ladder. This is the offer you use to qualify your buyers.

Those who purchase that product will immediately see the (up-sells).

After that initial transaction is over, your email sequences will start to encourage people to purchase other products as they ascend your Value Ladder and join your continuity MLM opportunity. You will use different types of funnels to sell people different products in the Value Ladder.

I encourage you to use what you’ve learned so far, along with what you are currently doing in your MLM company in order to build your solid foundation.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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