MLMT 80: The Proven Secret To Become A Master Storyteller Part3

MLM Trigger Episode #80

We talked about the elements of a good story and how to structure it. Now that we know that all good stories, is about the hero who is actually on two journeys.

The story that describes the journey to achieving the desire, the one that everyone sees (The Journey of Achievement), and one that’s hidden (The Journey of Transformation). The second journey may not be as obvious, yet it’s the key to the whole story. 

The Journey of Achievement... is the first journey, the one that everyone listening to the story is aware of. There’s a visible goal with a finish line that everyone can see. It’s the reason the HERO sets out on the journey in the first place. The audience is rooting for the HERO to accomplish this journey. 

While this journey is what drives the story forward, it’s the second journey that actually matters the most. In fact, in many stories, the HERO never actually achieves his end desire.

Or if he/she does...

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