MLMT 78: The Proven Secret To Become A Master Storyteller Part2

MLM Trigger Episode #78

We talked about the basics of the story structure. These are the basic elements of every movie, book, play, TV show, opera or any type of story. 

Michael HAUGE explained, Every good story is about a captivating character who is pursuing some compelling desire and who faces insurmountable obstacles to achieving it. And you will see those basic elements in every good story which is built on three fundamental elements (Character, Desire and Conflict).

Now that you have the basic plot written out, let’s dig a little bit deeper into each element so you have the tools you need to flesh out your stories and really hook into people’s emotions. 

You need to build rapport with the HERO from the beginning. The first 10% of any movie is all about building rapport with the HERO, so we have a vested interest in their journey. If we don’t build rapport with the HERO in the story, then no one cares what else happens to them on their journey. 

If you do a...

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