MLMT 234:  The Profound Impact Of Interruption Advertising

MLM Trigger Episode #234

We talked about Analyze, Optimize, Rinse and Repeat your marketing strategy and today let’s go over WHO is your target audience so you can make the perfect marketing strategy that will serve your dream customers.

The first step in finding your dream customers is to become obsessed with them. Being obsessed with your customers mean understanding them better, than they understand themselves.

Just remember how you felt when you were trying to solve— the very problem you’re now solving for people. You were frustrated about the problem you were having, you looked for a solution but were not able to find it. Then you went on a journey to create your own solution. Your problem became your business… it became your message.

The basic principle is… the more you understand your customers, the more accurately you can predict what they want. You find them, persuade them to follow you and hopefully change their lives with the MLM products or services you sell. You need to know and understand them better than they understand themselves.

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As a network marketer you should not be trying to figure out how to create the next amazing ad campaign first. But instead you need to learn how to enter the conversation your customer already have in their mind and see the world the way that they see it.

When you truly understand the CORE pains they are trying to move away from and the CORE desires they are trying to move toward, it becomes very easy to create the marketing that will speak directly to them.

Your products can be marketed toward getting a result in more than one of their desires, but your marketing message can ONLY focus on ONE of their desires. Anytime you try to get your potential customer to believe in two things, your conversions will usually drop. So focus on one desire with each message you put into the market.

Every human being on this planet is always moving in one of two directions when they make a decision: away from pain OR toward pleasure.

Here is an example of someone conversation inside their own mind by moving is away from pain… I’m overweight and don’t feel comfortable in my clothes and I don’t have energy.

The second direction that people is moving is toward pleasure. They have a desire because they are happy and looking for more… I want to eat healthier so I can fit in my clothes and get more energy.

Do you see how different these phrases are even though they are addressing the same core desire?

It’s powerful to see that while everyone may be trying to accomplish the same goal, the reasons why they’re doing it are completely opposites.

To really understand, we need to go back in time a few hundred years before the internet, before TV and before radio… to where traffic began.

Until the early 1800s, people mainly obtained products based on what they needed. They would be in some type of pain and they would search for a solution to solve it.

Then in 1927 the television was invented. And in 1942, the first-ever TV commercial aired on television. It was then that TV commercial officially began, making the shift from search advertising to interruption advertising.

This TV commercial gave business owners a window where they could grab their potential customers’ attention long enough to plant that seed of desire and show the perceived value of what they were selling.

This interruption advertising started happening in other types of media such as radio, newspapers, and direct mail.

The process was simple: get a captive audience, entertain or educate them and when you have their full attention, interrupt them with your message. You can then grab their attention and create desire for the product or service that you are selling.

Nowadays, this type of interruption advertising happens every day around us and we don’t realize how profound of an impact those advertisements actually make on our buying decisions.

It’s interesting to note that when the internet started a few decades ago, it followed a very similar pattern. It began with searches. People had some type of need, usually to get out of some type of pain and they would immediately go to the search engines looking for a solution to their problems.

Later we were all introduced to social media through platforms like Facebook, Google, You Tube, Instagram, etc and then Facebook announced the first-ever social interruption advertising with Facebook Ads. People would be online talking to their friends, posting pictures and then suddenly, an ad would show up in their Facebook feed. Having a small window of time to grab their attention, create a desire for your product or service and make a special offer.

As a marketer, you can target people who are interested in all kind of subjects that fit your offer and then you can interrupt them with your ads. You open a small window of time where you can grab their attention and show them the perceived value of what you’re selling.

You no longer have to wait around for someone to come looking for you. Now you can create desire in your dream customers.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Profound Impact Of Interruption Advertising

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