MLMT 238:  The Power Of Leveraging Your Email Lists

MLM Trigger Episode #238

We talked about how to grow and earn your email list and today lets talk about the value of leveraging an email list.

Understanding how to properly utilize your email lists is a challenge of its own.

Regardless of which MLM business you are in, your email list is one of your most valuable assets. You should be collecting the email addresses of your prospects and customers constantly. But you need to learn how to LEVERAGE these lists to maximize the revenue on each list.

Email is an efficient marketing channel but if you want to succeed it depends on how well you use your lists. And without a good strategy your huge emailing list will go to waste. Why? Because your customers email inboxes are crowded and the best way to convince them to open your email is with a great subject line.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Power Of Leveraging Your Email Lists

Something to remember when you leverage your email lists:

1- Send an effective welcome email.

First impressions are incredibly important. When a new subscriber or customer receives your first email, they are judging the style, the content and language of that initial email interaction. If you push them too hard, they may mark you as spam. If you use irrelevant information, they will unsubscribe. It’s critical to spend time to write your welcome email.

An important question to consider with your automated welcome emails is “Why did this person join?” The answer to this question should dictate the email they receive. You don’t want that every subscriber gets an automated generic welcome email. Your customers and pretty much everyone are inundated with daily emails in their inbox.

It’s important that you draw their attention with a reminder of who you are and the benefits you provide. Make sure your business name is attached to the email, include a headline that reinforces your value and sells the benefits of being on your email list.

This is a simple tip, but important. It’s to send their welcome email immediately after the subscriber register. The longer it takes you to send your welcome email, the less likely that subscriber is to remember you or completely forgot they subscribe to your list.

This is the first email interaction with the subscriber and it can make or break their opinion of your brand. Make sure the language, branding and content is an extension of your MLM business. Don’t be afraid to test different welcome emails to see which one has the best open rates and click-throughs.

2- Give your subscribers an option to unsubscribe that way you keep your unsubscribe rate low. Consider that some people don’t like getting an email daily, it’s way be too much. Give them options to choose how many email they want so they will stick with you for the long term. Once your subscribers have made their choices show them respect by following their preferences when sending emails.

3- Don’t send too many promotional emails as you can look desperate or too pushy. The types of messages you should be sending to your subscribers are new blog post, industry news, tips, video, and infographics. This will keep them entertained and it is also a good way to educate them. Be creative when creating content to give your subscribers and teach them to anticipate something unique every week.

4- Remove the invalid emails and re-engage with dormant subscribers.

You want to regularly remove those emails that don’t exist. Emails become invalid when people change their email address. You should re-engage with the subscribers who never open or interact with your emails. And offer something free. People love it when you give them something away instead of asking them to click on your offer or join an opportunity.

Things to consider before re-engaging and reactivate an email:

-Do you want them back?
-Are theses prospects or customers worth investing your time, energy and money in.
-Are they profitable?
-Can they afford your services or products?
-Do they value your industry and what you do?

It’s important to keep these questions in mind when you begin the laborious task of pruning your list of email subscribers.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Power Of Leveraging Your Email Lists

Next: How to re-engage inactive subscribers and win them back.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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