MLMT 210: The POWER Of Follow Up

MLM Trigger Episode #210

We talked about the ways to create product awareness on the pass to purchase. Today let’s see how to follow up with the leads and also with the people that are actually interested in either joining your opportunity or purchasing your product.

It’s go time! Your marketing campaigns have paid off and you’ve been INUNDATED with fresh leads to hopefully turn into sales. It gave you the ability to strategically and effectively follow up on those leads without letting any fall by the wayside or scare them off by coming on too strongly.

The follow-up is EVERYTHING and it means doing it multiple times.

Typically, you need to follow-up 5-8 times before somebody says Yes. Five times may sound like a lot but do you know: Most people don’t even follow up once?

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Some people will say that, following-up five times or more is being aggressive. But if you approach your leads in the right manner, you can effectively communicate the right messaging to them that puts you in their favor.

As you may already know, it’s not only about when you follow up with your leads but also HOW you follow up with them. You need to consider their stage in your funnel, their pain points and needs, and the timing of your communication. When you follow up with VALUE, it’s a lot easier for people to say YES..

Each type of lead will require a different level of messaging. Depending on how the lead came to you, it may be a hot lead that is ready to purchase or it may one lead that need a bit of warming. For example a lead from an email opt-in campaign as opposed to a lead that filled out a contact me form on your webpage are at different points in the sales funnel and should be approached accordingly.

You’ll want to take note of the leads temperatures, Hot — Warm — Cold that way you don’t treat them like one size fits all.

Send them a welcome email within 24 hours after a lead comes in. Offer to answer any questions they may have to demonstrate the care and attention you provide to each customer. You are contributing to the relationship by to follow-up with them.

That relationship causes a feeling of reciprocity because you’re giving them FREE informations and answers that are so good they should be paying for it.

The welcome email sequence is your first touchpoint with your prospects, so this is a make-or-break experience. A friendly welcome email will encourage your prospect to engage and interact with your product or services. Is a chance to leverage on SIGN-UP momentum by asking people to tell you what they want, so you can give it to them…

Any form of communication with your prospects, no matter what stage of the funnel they’re in, you should always focus on adding value. Like… Blog posts, infographics and downloadable guides are all great options.

Emails are slightly less invasive than phone calls and give the lead time to read and respond at their convenience. In your follow-ups… be sure to use intriguing and appropriate subject lines and don’t forget to offer useful content rather than just pitching your offerings.

Your leads aren’t going to become customers after one interaction, so focus on nurturing the lead and “warming” them by developing prospects. Rather than trying to convert them into customers, focus on smaller steps, like downloading that guide or visiting that blog post.

Creating a follow-up sequence will ensure you remain consistent with your communications and prevent you from letting these prospects you worked so hard to fall through the cracks.

And eventually when your prospects buy… You want to have a follow-up sequence for when someone who buys your MLM product/services and when they join your downline. You can follow up with buyers and resell them something else. And you can do it WITHOUT being annoying. You can do it while adding VALUE.They’ve already said YES once. The second YES is always easier than the first yes.

Email sequences are effective in building long-lasting communication with your prospects. And you always want to give something so.o.o valuable they should be paying for it. So you keep following up through adding more values in the email footers of the email sequence.

You’re going to be amazed by how much more successful you are—early on and as long as you continue to send emails to your targeted list.

LISTEN: ▶️ The POWER Of Follow Up

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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