MLMT 243:  The Most Powerful Tool For Teaching

MLM Trigger Episode #243

We talked about storytelling to sell your MLM products or services. And today let’s talk about the concept behind leading a prospect to purchase without an open product presentation.

Storytelling is the most powerful means of communication there is and it’s part of who we are. Storytelling is what makes us feel, learn, react, and remember. And given that purchase decisions are primarily guided by our emotions, storytelling is one of the most effective tools in the marketer's toolbox.

Marketers use storytelling to shape what we think, how we act and how we feel. It all comes down to two things, a good story and the way you tell it. A good story has a compelling start to HOOK your prospect’s INTEREST, the right amount of SUSPENSE in the middle to keep them going, and an end they will REMEMBER forever.

You want to tell the kind of story that leaves lasting memories. Because stories affect us physically, not just mentally— good stories aren’t just heard, they are felt.

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Why story is such a powerful tool for teaching?

1- Story matters because your target audience are much more likely to remember something they’re emotionally invested in - and you want them to remember you.

2- Stories simplify complex concepts. Some products are complicated to articulate without jargon in a way that resonates with end-users. But stories eliminate that.

3- Stories unite your audience. Whatever a person’s religion, race, language, location, age or wealth, stories speak to everyone. Your MLM product solves their pain points and aligned with a solid story makes every prospect feel that emotion and understand what’s in it for them.

4- Stories inspire action. Remember, storytelling isn’t about your company product, it’s about your customer and what they will get out by purchasing from you.

Storytelling is such a pervasive topic that it has the opportunity to upscale your MLM business. It’s a method of communication with enormous leverage and all successful network marketers tell stories.

How to improve your storytelling strategy?

1- Know your target audience and their pain points. Before you can understand your customer's needs, you first need to identify who our customer is. The more knowledge you have about your customer wants and desires, the better you can tailor your product or service to match.

2- Know what is in it for the customer. Your primary goal is to create a positive and memorable customer-focused experience. These experiences will set you apart from competitors.

3- Ask questions to your prospect one-on-one. Start with questions of what they want… no one knows what they want better than them.

4- Speak like a human not a robot. Make sure you has got all the ingredients of an authentic and genuine person - and that means speaking like a human to a human.

5- Keep your story consistent. Don’t forget that consistency is key and repetition gets you remembered

6- Never stop learning. Learn from people who share their insights on the power of education and the importance of never stopping learning.

7- Put yourself in your prospect shoes. Having "Empathy" is like seeing the problem from their point of view.

8- Choose your words carefully. Choosing your words wisely is an important component to make your prospects feel comfortable with you. That means avoiding industry jargon in your conversation.

Stories have been told for centuries, yet it is an art to master the skills of good storytelling and to lead the process with impactful and truthful conversations.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Most Powerful Tool For Teaching

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