MLMT 100: The Most Impactful Closes

MLM Trigger Episode #100

We talked about how to create and use lots of CLOSES and we went over a few like: Money is Good - Disposable Income - Money Replenishes - Break Old Habits - Information Alone - Money or Excuses - we will name a few more today.

We will briefly explain the concept behind each CLOSE like we did last week to use them in your own MLM presentation.

Your Two Choices: The goal of this CLOSE is for them to understand why you are charging so much money, and to make sure they are OK with that.

When we were deciding how to price this, we had two choices. The first was to go as cheap as possible and sell as many as we could. The problem with that is we would have no real incentive to pile on the value. Our second choice was to raise the price a little, and give you absolutely everything you need to succeed.

THEIR Two Choices: The goal for this CLOSE is to help them realize they are crazy if they don’t invest with you today. The way I see it, you’ve got two choices. Your first option is to do nothing and not take this leap of faith (which is 100% risk free).

Your second option is to invest a tiny investment today (compared to all the value you’ll get in return) and just give it a try. See if it’ll work for you. If it doesn’t for whatever reason you get your money back. There’s no risk. You have nothing to lose.

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Us vs. Them: The goal for this CLOSE is to call out people as either do-ers or dabblers. I’m guessing there are two kinds of people listening to me right now. You’re either a do-er or a dabbler.

The dabblers love to sit and listen and learn, but they rarely ever do anything and often look for any excuse not to move forward.

Some of you are do-ers. You’re not sure how this is going to work for you, but you see how it’s worked for me and for other people, so you have faith that it will work for you as well.

The do-ers are who get ahead in life, while the dabblers don’t ever really seem to progress.

Holding Their Hand: This CLOSE is where you actually walk them through the sign-up process. When you are ready to change your life, this is what you need to start doing. First, open up a browser window—like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. You go open Chrome right now and here is how this works.

Type in www.— On this page, you’re going to see —FUB—.
Then you’re going to click here and fill out this form. After that, you’ll get to this page, where you can create your account. If you have any issues, this link will connect you to the support desk, where can find the answer to any of your questions.

Say Goodbye: In this CLOSE you want to show them all the pain that will instantly disappear after they invest. Once you’ve been through this training and have everything set up, you can say goodbye to the stress of —FUB—. You’ll never have to worry about again.

Now & Later: In this CLOSE, you want to paint a picture of their life now compared to what it could become if they invest. So you want to paint a picture of where you were before you started with (the new opportunity). You struggled and were not able to —FUB—. Does that sound familiar?

But now you get a vision of what life could be like. Ever since (new opportunity), you’ve been able to —FUB—. and things are amazing. Can you imagine what that would be like for you?

Only Excuses: The goal of this CLOSE is to call out any excuses that might be keeping them back, and then diffuse them.

If you didn’t sign up immediately, you’re probably thinking one of two things.

First, you might be thinking —FUB—. Don’t worry. We spend the whole first module showing you —FUB—. You are also going to show you how we figured out —FUB—. You are going to give you templates to help you figure it out.

Ad by the end of Week 1, you’ll know exactly how to —FUB—.

Second, you’re probably a little nervous about setting it all up. We get that.

But it’s not hard.
On Week 2, we’re going to walk step-by-step through the whole setup process. We know —FUB— can be scary, but we’ll be there for you.

The third reason might be that you think it’s too expensive. If that’s your reason, We don’t know how I can help you. This is an investment and a decision you need to make for yourself. When we invested in learning this process, we paid $$$, but we got back $$$ within a year.

Reluctant Hero: The goal of this CLOSE is to help them believe they can actually do it. I want you to know something about me. I’m no one special. I don’t have any supernatural gifts or anything. I actually really struggle with —FUB—. And that’s what I love about this system—I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

If You Only Got: The goal of this CLOSE is to show them what they already got for free, and what they can possibly achieve when they invest with you.

Okay, so I could stop right here. If I stopped right here and you only got —FUB—, it would still be worth the investment, right? But you’re also getting —FUB— and —FUB—. But you’re also going to get —FUB— and —FUB— and —FUB—. We want to make sure that nothing is standing in the way of your success.

Close Close: This CLOSE is the final push to get them over the edge. You typically do this one several times during the question and answer section at the end of the webinar. If you’re still on the fence, now is the time to open a new browser window, go to www.—, and get started. Remember there is no risk, and we have a 100% money-back guarantee. But the only way for you to know if this is right for you is to get started right now. You can get your account at —.com.

There you got some closes you can use throughout the stack to help sell your MLM offer. Use a close right before you introduce a new element in the stack. Sometimes you’ll even use two or three closes in between elements. They just flow naturally one into the other.
At this point, you know how to deliver a Perfect Presentation.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Most Impactful Closes

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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