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MLM Trigger Episode #107

What can we learn from this story from one of my mentors, Russell Brunson. He was helping a close friend of his to launch a new company that sold automated webinar software. His sales process looked very traditional, and they were getting average sales driving traffic into his funnel. Then he decided to launch an affiliate contest where the winner got $50k cash.

Russell thought it would be fun to compete, but he knew the only way he could win was to change HOW his friend was selling his product. He created a Perfect Webinar Presentation, but as the deadline to win the $50k got closer, he ran out of time.

He was competing against 100 other affiliates who had been promoting for several weeks, and he was way behind. There were only a few days left before the contest ended.

Russell was about to give up and just blow it off, but then he had an idea. What if he could quickly create a Perfect Webinar and launch it—in the next 10–15 minutes?

He just wrote out the key components on a whiteboard and just went LIVE. So he started asking himself a lot of the questions he had covered throughout his years in business.

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Question #1: What’s the new opportunity I’m offering?

Answer: Increasing webinar sales using weekly webinar model

For this product, we were selling automated webinar software, which was nothing new. So he offered them a NEW opportunity to sell more through webinars using his weekly webinar model. This was a new opportunity that most people (at the time) had never heard of.

Question #2: What is the one Big Domino for this offer? Answer: If I can get them to believe that doing webinars through my model is the only way they can generate 7 figures in the next 12 months, then they have to give me money.

So he wrote out this title:

How to Make 7 Figures Next Year with THIS Webinar Model

Question #3: What special offer can I create for those who purchase?

Answer: He spent a few minutes writing out his stack on a whiteboard, including everything he would give people who purchased through his affiliate link. His software helped people conduct webinars, so he brainstormed things he already had that would complement what he was selling.

Here is what his stack looked like: What You’re Gonna Get...

• The Perfect Webinar Script $497
• The Perfect Webinar Training $9,997
• Video of My Closing LIVE $2,997
• Perfect Webinar Funnel $997
• My Webinar Funnel...Priceless

====>. Total Value: $14,988

Question #4: What is my Epiphany Bridge origin story? Answer: The story about how he failed at his first event and Armand Morin taught him how to do the stack

Question #5: What are three false beliefs they have about this new opportunity (the 3 Secrets), and what Epiphany Bridge stories will I tell to break those false belief patterns?

He broke them down like this:

  1. What is their #1 false belief about webinars?
  2. What Epiphany Bridge story he had that got him to believe in webinars?

He knew his epiphany had occurred when he learned the script for how to sell on webinars (which eventually became the Perfect Webinar).

So he then wrote on the whiteboard: Secret #1: It’s All About the Script

Then I went into Secret #2.

C. What is their #1 false belief about their personal ability to execute on this vehicle?
D. What Epiphany Bridge story he had that got him to believe in his abilities?

For him, his big epiphany was understanding how the webinar model worked, and that he could actually do it.

So he then wrote on the whiteboard: Secret #2: Understanding the Model

Finally, he thought about the Secret #3.

E. What is their #1 false belief or outside force that they think will keep them from success?
F. What Epiphany Bridge story he had that got him to understand the truth?
For him, his epiphany was understanding that this only works if you do it LIVE every week until it converts to actual results.

He then wrote down: Secret #3: You have to do this LIVE until...

This whole process only took him about 15 minutes.

Then he had to figure out how to promote this message to the most people in the least amount of time. he didn’t have time to set up a webinar funnel and get people into a sequence. He needed to start getting sales IMMEDIATELY. So He opened up two of his phones, turned on FB Live and clicked “Go Live” on both platforms. Because he already have strong followings in both places, he was live in front of hundreds of people within seconds!

He did the presentation by just talking off the top of his head, sharing his Epiphany Bridge stories, and then going into his stack and close.

Within 26 minutes and 32 seconds, his presentation was done. he had no idea if it was good or bad—it was all so quick. But as he looked at his stats, he saw the sales flooding in.

He promoted those presentations on FB and other places for the next three days until the contest was over. During this time, over 100,000 people saw this presentation. He did over $250,000 in sales and he won the $50k cash prize!

Not bad for only 15 minutes of preparation!

And while he thought that was pretty awesome, even more exciting was the fact that couple people who were following him, saw what he did and decided to model it. Within a few days, they launched a FB Live session, and did almost the same thing. They had their stack written down on a whiteboard, and they wrote their 3 Secrets on paper and told their stories. Their first try at this process made them over $100,000, and they’ve gone on to do it each month since… using the Perfect Webinar script just with a whiteboard and a few sheets of paper.

As you master the Perfect Webinar script and you get better at telling stories and delivering your offer, you can use it to sell almost any product with just a few minutes notice.

If you pick a good market, make a new opportunity that is truly irresistible, and then use your presentation to break and rebuild their belief patterns around that new opportunity… it works.

As you follow what all successful entrepreneurs are doing online, you’ll see they are using this same template script and story process in all sorts of situations, including video sales letters, tele-seminars, product launch videos, Google Hangouts, FB Live, and email sequences.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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