MLMT 129: The Magic Formula That Gets Results

MLM Trigger Episode #129

Today we are going to talk about how to build your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to create a MLM sales funnel.


You need to think of funnels kind of like playing with Legos. Imagine there’s this big box of brightly colored building blocks, and you can put them together any way you want to get the desired results. If you want to get someone to OPT-IN to your list, you might use a yellow block and connect it to a blue block.

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If you want to make a HIGH-TICKET sale you might add on green, red, and purple blocks. If you are not getting the results you want, but you know you have all the right pieces, you might re-arrange the blocks and see what happens.

You first go through each phase of the funnel and MAP OUT which building blocks will yield the best results. Then you test the funnels to see how well they convert. Sometimes you hit a winner right away, but often you need to move the blocks around.

For example, you might change some copy or add a video. Then you test the combination again. This is how direct response marketers have created magic for over a hundred years. Try it - Test it - Tweak it - And start all over again.

There are two types of Lego sets. You can buy all the blocks and create your own work of art using your imagination. Or you can buy special kits that give you the pieces you need to build specific funnel. These kits even give you instructions on which pieces to attach where and in what order. If you’re the kind of person who loves the Lego kits, you’re going to love the kind of funnel-building software.

There are many software and all the pieces you need are inside of that software, easily enabling you to create all sorts of funnels to sell everything from a simple opt-in to a high-end consulting package. And all you have to do is pick which thing you want to build and click a button. All the pieces are automatically arranged in the right order for you.

There are 23 (twenty-three) effective building blocks for your sales funnels. You will find that certain blocks work better at certain points on your Value Ladder, but remember, they are just blocks. You can move them around as you please. Markets respond according to a huge variety of factors. So you might need a little tweaking in your funnels.

To connect the blocks and create a working sales funnel, you want to start with a simple version. Then if you want to try moving things around later just go for it!

The 23 blocks are used at specific times during the 4 specific phases in the funnel: -The pre-frame bridge

-Qualifying subscribers
-Qualifying buyers
-Identifying hyperactive buyers that we recently talked about.

Remember, these four points all happen at the point of sale. Any time you sell anything through a funnel (which should be most of the time), you’re going to move your buyer through these four points. You’ll be creating new funnels as you are moving your customer through the phases and eventually you will change the selling environment for your high-ticket product. When you do that, simply go back to these building blocks and create a new funnel.

Let’s outline the building blocks:

THE PRE-FRAME BRIDGE are the most common building blocks. Remember, the goal with a pre-frame is to warm up the prospects so they are in the correct frame of mind to be most receptive to your offer.

We are going to outline the building blocks for QUALIFYING SUBSCRIBERS. Remember the goal here is simply to get people to opt-in to your list, subscribe to your newsletter, or request a free offer you’ve put in front of them. You’re separating out the casual visitors from the people who are willing to trade their email addresses in return for more information.

We are going to outline the building blocks for QUALIFYING BUYERS. When we qualify buyers, remember that the goal is to get people to pull out their credit cards and actually pay for something. The first purchase is the hardest to get, so it’s best to offer something of value for a very low price. Then, you can guide your buyers up the Value Ladder as soon as you can.

We are also going to outline the building blocks for IDENTIFY HYPERACTIVE BUYERS and figure out which customers are hyperactive buyers at the point of sale. You need to offer an up-sell immediately after you qualify them with a low-cost or free offer

LISTEN ▶️ The Magic Formula That Gets Results

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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