MLMT 63: The Important Answers To All Of The Important Questions

MLM Trigger Episode #63

Our story of the week is about Myron Golden “The Important Answers To All Of The Important Questions" What Myron would do if he lost all of his money, his list, and his JV partners. This is his Bible Success 30-Day Turnaround Blueprint.

He believes that all of the important answers to all of the important questions can be found in the pages of the best-selling “business” book of all time. And yes, the Bible is a business book, a health book, a personal finance book, a personal relationship book. The Bible has all the answers to all of the questions we could ever have we just need to learn to look at the practical application of its principles. 

The Turnaround Blueprint is in segments for easy digestion and application. 

Preparation — Implementation — Monetization — Optimization 

The preparation was very important, because he had to get into action as soon as possible so he could take inventory of all his resources.

He passionately and persistently started looking for...

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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