MLMT 135: The Framework To Introduce Yourself Online

MLM Trigger Episode #135

We talked about doing a 100 visitor test and the power of testing your FREE PLUS SHIPPING offer and the FREE-PLUS-SHIPPING ORDER FORM BUMP… meaning that by using a free-plus-shipping offer, you get three times as many customers, and by adding the order form bump offer, you are able to get about one out of every three people to also order the more expensive frontend product. Let’s move into the funnels and scripts.

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Now that you know the secret to convert cold traffic by leveraging the power of FREE. Whatever you’re sharing in your MLM free-plus-shipping offer, it can’t be boring or general knowledge. It has to be unique, sexy, or fun but the more unique, the better. Using free-plus-shipping offers is the fastest way to qualify your buyers and get people into your Value Ladder.

Remember, if someone isn’t willing to pull out a credit card and pay a few dollars for shipping on your product, then they probably are not going to buy your other products either.

Let’s talk about the strategies behind building your winning funnel. You need to understand that before we start this section, it’s important to point out that each of these funnels, and their scripts, serve a different purpose. You can use all of them, at different point in your business and at different level of your Value Ladder.

It’s also necessary to mention that both the sales funnels and the scripts are just a framework that form a starting point. Once you get the basic framework of a working funnel… you need to add on other components to grow it into a larger, more complete sales funnel.

For example, for the Free-Plus-Shipping Funnel described in the last episode, you would want to add an order form bump as well as 2 or 3 up-sells or one-time-offers (OTOs) to build the final funnel. The script is just a framework. You need to add in your personality, the elements of your Attractive Character that will make the script come to life. So use these funnels and scripts as the starting point, but don’t be afraid to tweak them for your business needs.

If you don’t want the technology factor to get in the way of implementing what you are learning, each of the funnels can easily be build out with a marketing software.

Let’s go over an overview of The 3 FRONTEND FUNNELS Of The Value Ladder.

Funnel #1: Two-Step FREE Plus Shipping

The first type of frontend funnel is the Two-Step Funnel which works really well for the free-plus-shipping offers we discussed earlier. The first page typically has a video using the Who, What, Why. Then the page will ask the visitors, “Where should I ship this?” They fill out the shipping address form (that’s step one) and then move on (to step two ) where they fill in the credit card information for the shipping and handling charge. It’s important that you mention on the first page that the buyers will be charged for shipping and handling.

Funnel #2: Self Liquidating Offer

The second type of frontend funnel is typically, the Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel… when you are trying to sell a product that’s priced anywhere from twenty-seven to ninety-seven dollars. The main goal is to have this frontend product cover the expenses of buying traffic. You hope to break even. The reason why is call a “self-liquidating offer”

Funnel #3: Continuity Funnel

The last type of frontend funnel is the Continuity Funnel. In every business, there are ways to add continuity income, and it’s an essential part of every Value Ladder. Continuity is when you get paid regularly, usually every month, for ongoing access to information or software or some product. The funnel itself is very simple.

Once a visitor has moved through either a Two-Step Funnel or a Self-Liquidating Funnel and made it through your Email Sequence, then you will usually send them through a short sequence of emails to promote your MLM opportunity “The Continuity Funnel”.

Once people are in your company, they are charged on a regular basis for continuing buying the product or service, usually a monthly charge and you get the commission from that associate.

LISTEN ▶️ The Framework To Introduce Yourself Online

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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