MLMT 164: The Framework To Introduce Your Product

MLM Trigger Episode #164

We talked about how you can differentiate yourself by offering bonuses when someone purchase your offer… Today let’s talk about the FRAMEWORK that introduce your product to your market.

Let’s go into the framework that anybody can create to achieve their own success in a few easy steps. There’s a very specific method to use to take the guesswork out of everything you create.

We can made a lot of mistakes while trying to figure out this online business by ourselves... but when you find someone who is successful in the same market you are in and see that it works, you want to model that entrepreneur.

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There are a few principles that you want to follow which can accelerate your journey and growth in your MLM business. There is a process that need to be apply 80% FRAMEWORK and 20% ART. That’s it and it works for everyone… so YOU are not the exception to that rule, doesn’t matter which market you are in.

Until a few years ago, I hadn’t really had that much success and learned a lot of lessons. My progress was often slow, frustrating and painful. After investing thousands of dollars into my own online education over the years, I looked at all the successful entrepreneurs who follow a simple pattern.

You see there is a small amount of art in this online business and when you learn and get your attention on these few principles you too will experience the difference in your business.

It doesn’t matter what your product is you will need to follow the process behind learning how to succeed on the internet. The online selling EQUATION is 80% framework and 20% art. This simple process will make all the difference in your network marketing business.

The basic framework require that you learn:

  1. How to become an attractive character
  2. How to create your irresistible offer
  3. Learn about sales techniques
  4. Learn the psychology of sales.

If you want to learn about the framework of any type of network marketing then follow and learn from the best entrepreneurs in that specific field.

Using a marketing funnel is a model that visualizes the way people move through the customer journey. A marketing funnel is a series of stages to guide the prospects through the learning experience. The funnel helps you plan and measure your efforts to attract, engage, and convert prospects through content and other marketing materials. It's better to put your focus and resources into finding a product that fit in that market you are in.

Awareness is the first stage of the funnel. This is where people who have a certain problem get to know about your product because it solve that problem. So if you want to learn how to MARKET and how to use SALES FUNNEL, then listen and follow the champion in that field of marketing and sales funnel.

Business systems are your essential building blocks to build a successful and a long term business. What exactly is an effective system? It is a procedure, a process, a method, a course of action that produces a consistent and measurable result. Systems enable your business to accomplish its most important objective—to profitably find and keep customers—even without your hands-on involvement.

Good systems are the "magic formula" for success. They increase efficiency, accomplish objectives, and give customers what they want every single time.

If you want to learn about BUILDING SYSTEMS in your business that make things run on autopilot, then listen, learn and model the champion that are the best in that field of building a system in business.

The secret to maximize your profits using Sales Scripts is by creating value for your customers is a conversation. The better and more powerful your language— the better you deliver it—the better your results will be. You want to maintain the relationship with your customers. Implementing effective sales techniques doesn't end after the prospect signs and becomes an associate, make sure to listen and understand their worries and concerns.

If you want to learn the hardcore SALES SCRIPTS and SALES TACTICS, then listen, learn and model the champion that master that field of sales scripts and sales tactics.

Look for entrepreneurs who have done their homework and have a successful business. By following these people who created their own frameworks, you will short cut the learning curve. Remember to focus on the success and science-based formulas proven by other successful entrepreneurs

LISTEN: ▶️ The Framework To Introduce Your Product

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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