MLMT 259: The Enemy of ACTION

MLM Trigger Episode #259

We talked about how to be CONVINCING to convert them into buyer and today let’s talk about how to GET ACTION in response to what you want them to do.

The most important word in marketing is ACTION. Without it nothing would ever have been started, nothing would have been completed and nothing in the future will have been accomplished. Yes of course we can dream, but without action no advancement like radio, television, computer, airplanes, electricity and more.

Action invites the making of mistakes and without them there would have been little progress in this world. Great achievements were built on mistakes previously made and seldom if ever was perfect at its inception.

Why most of us are afraid to fail?

Fear, indecision, doubt and anxiety destroy mental and physical health and paralyze your use of knowledge. It also neutralizes experience, destroys skill and strangles initiative. Actually anxiety is pain suffered for injuries that have not come yet and probably that will never come. Our imagination causes more disaster than reality

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On the other hand, courage is preserved by never surrendering to the things that rob you of courage. We all heard that too many great things have been accomplished after “the experts” said they couldn’t be done.

Nothing is more important than to live each day, not worrying about the past and not anticipating worries in the future.

The reason we are afraid to take a chance is mainly because we are afraid we will fail. We are therefore afraid to make important decisions. And the most dangerous decision is to decide to make none at all.

The enemy of ACTION is indifference. It’s is the number one obstacle you have to overcome in selling ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Whether it’s you product, your ideas or your personality.

The second obstacle you have to overcome is PASSIVENESS. People resist change and hate to changing their minds, their habits and their routines.

It takes a lot of persuasion to make people do even the things they want to do. That is why advertising does all sorts of things to get people to overcome that deadly enemy of being passive. And that is why doctor or dentist as an example, make regular automatic appointments for whatever interval is appropriate without having to SELL the client again.

To succeed as a salesperson, you need to be able to close the deal.

Why do we see those kind of advertising like…

Buy one and get one free - 50% off on the second item - One day sales … etc. This technique induce to BUY NOW not tomorrow or next week but NOW-TODAY.

The secret of getting ACTION from a prospect is to emphasize the benefits that will bring VALUE to him/her if they act NOW.

The first objection is usually a reluctance to spend the time or money on anything new.

The second objection he/she hate to admit that they have been sold instead of thinking of themselves as buyer. They want to feel the decision were from them.

Tips to get your prospect to purchase your product:

1- Do something every day to promote your product
2- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes— analyze and learn from them
3- Differentiate yourself from your competitors
4- Apply self-confidence
5- Take chances, it’s the way to learn
6- Make decision and try new things

To advertise yourself to others, begin by selling yourself TO YOU. When you have make that sale, you will find it easier to advertise yourself— and to SELL YOURSELF to the rest of your target market that needs the REAL YOU.

LISTEN: ▶️ The Enemy of ACTION

Next: We are going talk about why prospects will need your offering

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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