MLMT 158: The Core Concept That Build Relationships

MLM Trigger Episode #158

We talked about the overview script of the Perfect Presentation structure… Today let’s point out the critical elements we need to focus in order to script a successful presentation.

In order to capture and communicate anything of value, you can apply this proven method for your webinar presentation and all your marketing environments.

When you will understand and learned about One Sentence Persuasion by Blair Warren. It’s going to be easy to build rapport and get people to like you because it works like miracle.

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Did you ever thought about that the most magical things in life are the results of the correct application of the most basic principles imaginable… true in the field of persuasion. Without a doubt, it has never been easier for us to get lost down the rabbit hole only to come out more confused and broke than when we started.

As a charismatic leader you can help maximize your skills by familiarizing yourself with these principles. What is necessary is a fundamental understanding of human nature for persuasion.

One of the most basic of human desires encapsulate in ONE sentence to remember.

Remember Warren Blair One Sentence Persuasion: “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

This one sentence contains five of the most important insights. These five insights are not only tools for marketers, salesmen, entertainers etc… they are the tools for anyone who must connect with others and more importantly make these connections pay off.

By overlooking the power of these basic principles, we guarantee ourselves failure and frustration.

Sometime ago, I read about those 2 marketing entrepreneurs who launched a website that was unexpected when they broke sales records. The success of the site surprised everyone involved and there was much discussion as to why it was so effective.

Was it the product?

Was it the price?

Was it just the right offer at the right time?

I’m sure each of these things played a role, but there is something else that played a major role. The copywriting spoke to some very basic human needs.

It said: "If You're The Kind Of Person Who Wants To Break Free From Limited Thinking And Finally Get Whatever You Want In Life...These 12 Long-Lost Astonishing Books Written In The 1920's Will Set You Free!"

This clearly encourages our dreams of freedom, of getting what we want. This is literally the first line of their letter and they have already struck with powerful influence…

Next they continued …

—We feel your pain.

You've read "Think and Grow Rich". You've searched the shelves in bookstores for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years:

"Why I am not where I want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually?"

You've done everything that you can... but there's still something holding you back.

This paragraph not only let us know they recognize our frustration when they said (“We feel your pain”) it suggests that it is not our fault. While we’ve done “everything that we can” there is still “something” holding us back.

So the answer lies with this mysterious “something” and not with us. Not only they are letting us off the hook, but they’re about to confirm our suspicion that there is answer to our dilemma.

And in the next section, they introduce us to it: What is it?

For years, people just like you have asked this same question. Fortunately for some, they were able to get the answer to this, and many other questions, by purchasing a course back in the 1920's. If you were to flip through some of the magazines and newspapers back then, you would have seen some of the world's first direct response ads. What were the ads for?

And there it is: confirmation that an answer to our problems exists. In just a few short paragraphs they have managed to address three of the five insights referring to Warren Blair “Persuasion Formula”. And from this point on, their readers were HOOKED.

Just how successful has this site been? They “sold hundreds of copies... almost instantly.” Not bad for a site they spent little time creating. Again, when our needs are being addressed, we don’t care if the copy is slick, if the graphics look great, or even if the site is easy to navigate. We look past the superficial and listen deeply to those who speak to us.

If you want to held the attention of your audience, then use the “one sentence persuasion” strategy in writing your webinar presentation script.

You will find places where you can use most of these insights sprinkled throughout your presentation. However, each section from opening the webinar to closing it… try using each insight to demonstrate the effectiveness of these ideas, but also to give you a sense of how powerful they can be.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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