MLMT 95: See What You Get

MLM Trigger Episode #95

Today we’re going to talk about the STACK part section of your presentation. If you’ve followed the script up to this point, now we’re ready to use the stack techniques.

One of my mentor Russell Brunson’s secret weapon which he learned it after watching Armand Morin speak onstage in front of over 1,000 people and closed nearly half the room with almost no effort. He told him what he was doing the stack techniques.

He started using it immediately and went from closing an average 5–10% at a live event or with online webinars to consistently closing 40% or more. It’s worked so well and so consistently that he never gave a sales presentation again without it.

The big idea is that the only thing prospects remember when you sell is the last thing you showed them. Most sales presentations focus on the core offer, then a list of bonuses and a call to action. So all people remember is the last bonus mentioned. If they don’t think the last thing you offered is worth the price, they simply won’t buy.

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As you go through the offer with your audience, you’ll explain the first element of your offer, then show it on the stack slide, all by itself.

Then reveal the second element of your offer, and come back to the stack slide that shows the first element along with the second one. You do this for each element in the offer—you talk about it, then add it to the stack slide.

The LAST thing you show them before you reveal the price is the full stack slide with the entire offer. When you present this way, your audience associates the price with the FULL OFFER, and not just the last thing you mentioned.

We are going to get the big picture of the STACK SLIDE then in the next episode we are going to go deeper on each component of the stack slide.

What You’re Gonna Get... Here, usually you show a digital image representing the course content. You explain that when they invest right away, they will get instant access to your masterclass.

Show 3 Case Studies… You will highlight the success stories from your beta group.

Who This Works For… This is where you make a blanket statement about all the different people it works for. Be as inclusive as much as possible here.

You want to Destroy the #1 Reason People Don’t Get Started

Usually there’s a common reason people don’t get started right away. Address it head on.

Show Stack Slide #1 Reveal the six-week masterclass on it with the value of it.

Introduce The tools Element: You tell them that when they invest today, they will also receive this extra cool thing.

You’ll Be Able To... / You’ll Be Able to Get Rid Of... You want them to realize that investing in this thing shouldn’t cost them any money.

The Problem This Tool Solved for YOU… By telling them—— when I was first figuring this stuff out, I ran into a big roadblock.

How Much Time / Money This Tool Will Save Them… Talk about all the time and money you had to spend to overcome that big roadblock that the tool saved you from.

Break Related Beliefs About the Tools… Mention any false beliefs they may have about the tools or their abilities to use them, and quickly break and rebuild those belief patterns.

Stack Slide #2 … Show the stack slide again with the masterclass on top and the tools on the second line. and what the offer is now worth.

Introduce Tangible By-Product #1 (Related to Secret #1 VEHICLE)

Here you introduce the next component of the offer they’ll receive when they invest.

Pain and Cost… Here you talk again about the pain and cost you had to go through to create this first by-product.

Ease and Speed for Them… Whatever the pain and cost was to you doesn’t matter, because the bonus is going to make it easier and faster for them to get results.

Stack Slide #3 and #4… Mention another element and add it to the stack. It helps your audience understand the offer completely.

Stack Slide #5 (The Big Stack) This the Big Stack slide, because it has the entire contents of your offer, including the value of each piece.

If / All Statements based on your three secrets.

Vehicle (Secret #1) - Internal (Secret #2) - External (Secret #3)

You need to convince them that this offer is actually worth that much and get them to admit it to themselves.

I Had 2 Choices… I could go as cheap as possible or a slight investment with much values

Price Drop… show what is worth and give a very special offer

Price Reveal… Here is the first time you reveal the actual price.

Price Justification… let that price marinate for a while as you justify why it’s actually not that expensive.

Guarantee… No risk

The Real Question is This... Help them see that this really is a no-brainer.

Stack Slide Next… Show them the Big Stack slide one last time.

Urgency / Scarcity Bonus… The deadline is the key.

Closing Call to Action / Q&A Slide…

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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