MLMT 188:  Seducing Your Audience

MLM Trigger Episode #188

We talked about how to ethically sell your awesome MLM products or services and today let’s talk about a concept that will allow you to attract customers and turn them into raving fans who will purchase more products and refer more people back to your business.

You and I are not that different… We both want to build a magnetic and appealing personal brand so we can attract people to us and build a prosperous business.

You want to be so irresistible that it makes your audience begging to do whatever it is— you want them to do when you’re done — whether it’s to make a purchase or join your MLM opportunity.

Yes, you want to seduce your audience.

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The term Attractive Character comes from a personal branding perspective and it refers to the ability to attract more people to you by sharing your own personal stories. Then people get to know you, like you, want to follow you, want to learn from you, trust you and eventually do business with you… because they feel YOU can provide them value and offer solutions to their MLM business struggles. You do that just by sharing your own personal stories to inspire and captivate your audience.

The concept of a persona that communicates with your audience, is someone who’s comfortable sharing their talents, ideas, unique abilities. However, you don’t need to be a perfect or ‘ideal’ character to do this successfully… but you need to compete on your differences.

Those little character traits that make you a bit weird, those things that you don’t necessarily want other people to see… those differences ARE your superpowers. People will better identify with someone who isn’t perfect and they will want to listen to you.

Creating strong relationships with your audience is critical to everything you will do moving forward with your business. Rather than constantly hunting down new customers, you want to focus almost obsessively on their needs and start building rapport right from the beginning.

So how do you build rapport with someone you have never met?

How do you become this attractive character?

Well... you do it by telling stories.

These are little stories you can tell to keep your audience’s attention. A story that they can relate to and find interesting. People want someone to open up to them, give them your trust, so that they can trust you back.

IF it’s a flaw that someone has themselves, then it can strengthen your rapport. Share your character flaws/mistakes/lessons/challenges and how you learned or grew from them. Use those mistakes or imperfections to your advantage. When you share your mistakes you’ll allow your audience to peak inside the real you. As a result… they’ll resonate more with you.

Customers who are buying your products or services want results. If you can share a back story of how you have received the results your potential customers seek, they will instantly be attracted and will relate to you and your MLM company.

It is important to weave personal stories into your communications regardless of their form.

Something fascinating to think about is that your business doesn’t grow past the level of your attractive character. So, you have to keep developing individually, personally, mentally to sustain growth on all levels.

You don’t have to be a genius to master internet marketing but you need to establish authority using content to inform and build trust with your MLM prospects and customers. Remember… your experiences are your stories, your stories are your value, and your value is your authority.

In the marketplace, a business is valuable if it:

-Answers questions
-Solves problems
-Gives people what they want
-Delivers value in an entirely new & unique way.

When you look at your MLM business, you always need to find ways to be the BEST at delivering MORE values.

When developing your attractive character you should consider the following strategies as a way to distinguish yourself from your competition and attract a larger and more devoted audience to you.

Instead of making plans to tease your audience. Don’t satisfy their curiosity or satisfy their thirst. Do just the opposite …

Promise them that you have what they want

Paint the picture of what it will be like when they get it

Prove to them that you’ll keep your end of the bargain if they buy

And then push them over the edge.

Start creating your attractive character with a good back story and weave it into all of the marketing that you do in your MLM business.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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