MLMT 140: Promise The Result They’ll Get Before They Pay

MLM Trigger Episode #140

Today let’s go over the way we sell products in the middle of the Value Ladder with Funnel #5 the Invisible Funnel.

The Invisible Funnel was created by Daegan Smith and it’s a premium webinar that people pay for AFTER the webinar is over — if (and only if) they love what you taught them.

Let’s look at how it works. You drive traffic to a website that uses The Magic Bullet script to get people to sign up for the Invisible Funnel-style webinar. To register, participants enter their credit card details, but they are not billed anything right then.

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They watch the webinar, which is usually three or four hours of high-value content.
Then, AFTER the webinar is over, if they agree that the webinar was worth the pre-determined price, then they do nothing and you charge the card the next day.

If the participants don’t think the webinar was worth the money, they must send you an email before the deadline so that you won’t charge their card. This format lets people try before they buy, and it gives you a chance to show off your very best content first.

At the end of the webinar, you can do a very soft sale to push the participants to an application page where they can upgrade to your high-ticket backend MLM products, services or opportunity. If you structure your Invisible Funnel correctly, you’ll find that it’s a really simple way to get people to buy things—without ever selling them anything. It builds a strong bond with the Attractive Character.

The “Magic Bullet” is simply the One Thing you’re promising they’ll get out of the webinar within a certain amount of time, or they don’t pay. There’s an old saying in direct response marketing that you have to “sell it, even if it’s free.” That goes for these “try before you buy” webinars, too.

Set up your Magic Bullet by asking questions that bring people’s desires in their minds. Make them wish they had what you’re about to offer. You want the Answers to the questions to be YES!

Raising desire questions that move people toward pleasure or away from pain at the beginning of the sales letter works really well.

First you introduce yourself and the idea of the Magic Bullet you are going to offer in the webinar.

Next you introduce Your Magic Bullet Solution you’re selling. Tell perspective participants about the tangible thing they’re going to get by attending the webinar.

Try to phrase it like this: You’ll get _____(result) by ___(short amount of time), or you pay nothing. The more tangible the result, the better.

To draw in the most participants, expand the main idea of your Magic Bullet and tell the reader a story about how you discovered the solution, what’s the value and how it has worked for you.

Here’s where you offer the Risk Reversal “try before you buy” option.

You tell them that you are so sure this will completely change their life that you are going to let them listen to the entire webinar for FREE. Then, at the end, they get to be the judge.

If they love the information, do nothing and you’ll charge their credit card. If they don’t think the information was worth the price, they send an email before the deadline and you won’t charge them anything.

Get the reader to commit to giving your webinar a try. They will need to put their credit card number in now to reserve a spot, but they pay NOTHING until after the webinar is over, and then pay only if they love it. They got nothing to lose by giving this a try.

You got the participants to register for this webinar by using your Magic Bullet script (the “try before you buy” hook). You want each participant to be more than happy to pay you at the end. They get a chance to vote with their wallet at the end. Don’t hold anything back. Give the viewers your best content you promised and tell them everything they want to know. Answer any questions they ask. And remind them they must stick around until the end because only then will you give the secret email address where they can email you if they don’t think the webinar was worth the price of admission.

Tell them what they’ll learn and give all participants an overview of the system that you are going to be teaching on this particular webinar. Start teaching your content now.

Here’s how you want to present each content piece:

What Is It? Give the content piece a cool name, making it easy to remember.

Parable: Tell a memorable story to demonstrate the concept and cement it in the participant’s brain.

Teach Concept: Go through the nuts and bolts of the concept.

Example (real life, if possible)

Recap: After you have finished teaching the content for your training, then you want to remind them again about everything they learned while they were on the training with you.

Tie it to Value: Help participants see how much this information will be worth after they implement it. After you have anchored the “true-worth” price in their minds, then you can come back to the actual asking price of this webinar.

Ask the participant to decide whether the webinar was worth this price. If so: Do nothing, and we will bill your credit card. If not, here is the email to send before__, and let us know this content wasn’t for you, and we won’t charge your credit card.

The keys to making the right Magic Bullet work is (promising a result they’ll get before they pay) and delivering what you promised

LISTEN ▶️ Promise The Result They’ll Get Before They Pay

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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