MLMT 94: Permission To Sell

MLM Trigger Episode #94

We talked last week about how to change the world of your audience from I CAN’T to I CAN and I WILL, by giving them the biggest gift you can give people which is hope and belief in themselves. Today we’re going to transition to the selling part section of your presentation.

As we start to move from the content section to the stack and the close, here are a few techniques to cement the new concepts into the mind of your audience and make a simple, non-stressful transition to the selling section of the presentation.

The first thing is to show them how they could actually get the results they desire most.

So you’ll go back through the 3 Secrets and say something like:

If you followed what was showed in Secret #1 and found a MLM funnel that is already working, then you did what was showed you in Secret #2 and used a similar MLM funnel in just 10 minutes copying the blueprint, and then you used Secret #3 to get traffic from the SAME place your competitors are getting it from...

Do you think you could be successful?

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When you break it down like that— so they can connect the dots, they have to say yes… And if they’ve said yes to that question, that means all the internal beliefs have been knocked down, and the Big Domino has fallen.

When you sell in person, you have the ability to ask follow-up questions and figure out their specific false beliefs. Then you can address those concerns and close them… witch you don’t have that luxury in group sales like in webinars. So you have to include as many objections and false beliefs in the presentation as possible.

That first transition question will help you gauge whether they are sold or not… and it will help them convince themselves as well.

Now it’s time to start the actual sales section of the webinar. You’ve taught the 3 Secrets. You’ve broken false beliefs. It’s time to reveal what you have to offer. The hardest part of selling on a webinar for most people is transitioning into the close.

Many people get nervous and shaky—the hesitation and lack of confidence shows in their voice and body language.

You need to learn a magic question from Armand Morin. He taught in his book “Success Leaves Traces” that the best way to make that transition to sell you product— is to simply say:

Let me ask you a question...

That’s the secret. It takes off all pressure and lets you make a seamless transition.

Then ask them a few things.

-How many of you are excited about what we just talked about?

-How many of you are feeling a little overwhelmed because we’ve covered so much?

Then, try to get them to laugh by showing them a picture of something that represent this overwhelming information. That usually gets a laugh, and it allows you to explain how it’s impossible to show them everything they need to get results in a 60-minute presentation, but that you tried to cover as much as possible.

You tell them that you created a special package for those who are ready to move forward and want to implement this new opportunity.

Next, ASK PERMISSION to share it with them. Is it okay with you if I spend 10 minutes going over a very special offer I created to help you implement your MLM Funnel?

Then you wait until they say YES… because you want them to say yes first. Once you get their permission, all the awkward feelings about selling disappear.

In the rare times when no one speaks or message in the chat…there is an awkward silence, just say something like:

All right, it’s totally fine if you guys don’t want to know this stuff. I already know it. This isn’t about me; this is for YOU.

Then ask again: Are you okay if WE spend 10 minutes to show you how it can change your life?

If you’ve followed the script up to this point, they are going to say yes and you can introduce your offer.

This transition helps you recap everything you’ve said in the webinar up to that point, and once again sets those new belief patterns in place. Once you transition into your sales pitch, you’re going to use—the stack.

Secret #1: MLM Funnel > How to ethically surpassed the top earner in your company by using a MLM funnel that do the recruiting on your behalf without talking to your friends, family or strangers.

Secret #2: Funnel Cloning > How to clone a PROVEN funnel in less than 10 minutes

Secret #3: Funnel Traffic > How to get the exact SAME customers who are currently raising their hand to join your team and start coming to your online funnel

LISTEN: ▶️ Permission To Sell

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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