MLMT 174: ONE Skill Set That Will Improve Your Sales

MLM Trigger Episode #174

We talked about promoting your offer while developing relationships… Today let’s talk about ONE marketing skill set that will massively improve your sales.

The better marketer you are— the less amazing at sales you will have to be. The principle is around this concept of sales psychology… Let’s take the internet away and learn what marketers in that time used to go do, study their patterns and then add the Internet. The purpose is to teach what marketing actually is… in the context of old school times, then add in powerful Internet principles.

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QUESTION: Did you ever experience someone asking for the MLM products refund?

You spend time with that individual, you do the three-way phone call and you got the sale and got them on auto-ship. You walk away and then a text message comes to you and said: “we were talking about this and I know I’m within my refund period and we just really want the money back.”

We have ALL had that experience… Refunds are normal… The top marketers, believe if they DON’T have a 10% refund rate, they’re not marketing hard enough.

WHY DO PEOPLE ASK FOR A REFUND? There are different ways to cause these brain chemicals inside of the buying process. There are four hormones naturally produced by the brain that causes us to feel good.

The first chemical is DOPAMINE. Let’s say you had that refund experience… There’s a principle on Why does that happen?

Dopamine is the chemical of DISTRACTION… We love to get distracted. It is proven that we check our phone more than 70 times a day… WHY dopamine?

Mark Zuckerberg said on film to Congress, “Yes, we brought in addiction specialists to make Facebook as addicting as possible.”

So, I’m giving you dopamine right now because I’ve distracted you from something else… Status in terms of new MLM versus old MLM. Dopamine is the easiest chemical for our brains to produce out of the four hormones.

The next chemical is OXYTOCIN

Oxytocin is the chemical of connection. Of the four, it’s the chemical we seek the MOST. You need to connect with people. We’re not relying on each other like we used to, but we desperately need to feel a connection, which is caused by the chemical oxytocin.

We could give up our: Religion - Relationships - Beliefs - Morals in order to get a connection even if it’s fake connection…

The next chemical is SEROTONIN

Serotonin is a chemical of Status or Validation. Meaning, you need to be okay in your own eyes, and okay in those people’s eyes also. It’s one of the driving forces we have as entrepreneurs.

The next chemical is ENDORPHINS

Endorphins are the chemical of work reward… Let’s say you go jogging around a the blocks… the first few blocks are going to be hardest, because they always do. But what happens once you get past that first mile… you get high, that feeling of reward. That’s endorphins

It’s not dopamine, it’s not oxytocin, it’s not serotonin, it’s Endorphins that comes as a response to work reward. It comes in as the response of pain. The pain of growth… you will start to feel good and it makes you keep going.

So why people ask for refund?

Let’s say you’re pitching somebody about your MLM opportunity and they’re buying from you… They’re getting dopamine… because they’re getting distracted…They’re getting oxytocin… one of the easiest ways to get oxytocin is through purchase. You get that buyers excited…Let’s say there’s a brand involved and they know it’s an amazing brand. There’s a sense of status that comes with it, they’re getting serotonin…There’s a little bit of work reward. The work they did is they pulled their credit card out and they’re buying, they’re feeling endorphins…

They are getting all 4 hormones during the purchasing process.

So why do they want a refund? What happens in the brain… THE purchase IS NOT over unless they can sell their themselves and their loved ones over their purchase… Buying is emotional

As they start to purchase, the right side of the brain is really where a lot of those emotions happen, and it overrides the left or logical side of their head… So they stop thinking logically.

The brain start to justify the purchase. “You know what, it makes sense for me to buy this right now because it’s buy one, get one free” They think it’s logical but it’s actually emotional though…

As they walk away and those hormones start to burn off, the left brain starts to pop back in and go, “Oh my gosh. Why did I just buy this?”

They start to freak out a little bit, like, “Oh I wasn’t planning on buying this thing today.” And the left brain has to start justifying the action.

Understanding this skill because is very important *THIS* is where the key is.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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