MLMT 109: NOW Is The Time To Build Your Relationships

MLM Trigger Episode #109

The million-dollar question everyone asks after they learn about funnels is:

“How do you actually get people into those funnels?”

I had the same question when I got started. In fact, I remember reading everything I could find on the subject of MLM funnels with people who were having a lot of success online at the time.

“How do you create traffic?” You don’t need to create TRAFFIC, it’s already there. People are already online. You just have to figure out how to get those people to leave where they are and come to you instead.

You need to start thinking about WHERE your dream customers are already congregating. In most cases, the people you want to serve are already in the market looking for something. And if you can present them with YOUR new opportunity, you could get them to leave where they are and start following you

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I read about a concept called the “Dream 100” from Chet Holmes. Early in Chet’s career, he worked for Warren Buffet’s partner. Chet sold advertising for one of the company’s legal magazines. At the time, they were really struggling. Chet was working with a database of over 2,000 advertisers. He made calls and sent out materials every day. But they were still #16 out of 16 magazines in their industry. Dead last.

Then Chet got smart. He did some research and discovered that out of those 2,000 advertisers, 167 of them were spending 90% of their advertising budgets with his competitors. So he defined those 167 as his best buyers— the ones spending all the money in the industry. Once he figured that out, he stopped marketing to everybody and instead focused his time and efforts on those 167. He sent out direct-mail pieces with lumpy objects in them, every two weeks, then he followed up with a few phone calls. Twice a month he would mail something to them and twice a month he would call them.

So he just kept going after those same people month after month. Because these were the biggest buyers, they were the hardest people to reach. But he didn’t give up. After four months of following this strategy, he got zero response. (Pretty discouraging, right?)

Then in his fourth month, something changed. He landed his first big account—Xerox. It was the biggest advertising buy ever for the company. By the sixth month, he had landed 29 of the 167. And with those 29, Chet doubled the sales over the previous year. They went from #16 to #1 in the industry in just over a year. And he kept doubling sales for the next three years.

Later on in his career, Chet wrote a screenplay and wanted to sell it to a big Hollywood studio. So he followed the same Dream 100 strategy. He researched and found 100 Hollywood producers, actors, directors, and other people who could make his film a reality. He focused on his Dream 100 list and relentlessly pursued these guys. And yes, eventually he did sell his film to one of those big studios.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, Chet explain how the Dream 100 worked, you probably can find 100 people who are YOUR dream customers. The traffic already exists, you don’t need to create it. You just needed to figure out how to get those people to come and see your new opportunity instead.

The first step in this Dream 100 process is going back to Secret #1. Remember when you created your new niche? We started with the three hot markets (health, wealth, and relationships)

From there, you drilled down into a sub-niche inside of one of those markets. Then within that sub-niche, you created my new opportunity.

The key to the Dream 100 is to step back from your niche and go back up to the submarket level. Inside of that submarket are all the niches where your traffic is already congregating. All you need to do is figure out WHO is controlling that traffic.

You will quickly realized that the people who controlled that traffic are typically one of four types: list top MLM earners, MLM bloggers, MLM podcasters and MLM social media influencers.

Right there, search and find the list of MLMer’s with email lists of 20,000 or more of your dream customers. Then, MLMer’s bloggers and MLMer’s podcasters who have readers and listeners and MLMer’s social media influencers who can drive tens of thousands of clicks to anything they want to talk about.

This is the power to build out your Dream 100 list of these people. Initially, find 25 top MLMer’s in your submarket, 25 MLM bloggers, 25 MLM podcasters, and 25 MLM social media influencers.

After you have the 100 people who already have the attention of those you want to serve. Then, put together a plan to infiltrate your Dream 100.

The first goal is to start building relationships with your Dream 100. As Harvey Mackay said, you want to “dig your well before you’re thirsty”. The WORST time to contact your Dream 100 is the day you need them to promote something for you. The best time to start building relationships is NOW. So when you are ready to ask them to promote you, that relationship will already be there

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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