MLMT 115: Move The Offer From Your Value Ladder To Your Funnel

MLM Trigger Episode #115

Today we are going to talk about the basics of building out your sales funnel from a "Ladder to a Funnel". Remember, unless you have a complete Value Ladder, it’s impossible to build out an effective sales funnel.

[Get your Value Ladder Chart to follow along]

This formula was created to help you figure out WHO you want to serve, HOW to find your dream customers, WHAT kind of bait you should use to attract them and WHERE you want to take them.

The Value Ladder was created to help you figure out what products/services you need to add so that your dream customers move from your bait to your high-end services.

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Now it’s time to bridge the gap between a VALUE LADDER and a SALES FUNNEL.

We will go into a lot of details about the strategy, psychology and tactics that you need to build out for your own sales funnels. But first, you need to understand what a sales funnel is and how that relates to everything in your business.

In a perfect world, you would immediately be able to talk your dream customer into purchasing your best, most expensive service. That’s almost impossible because you haven’t provided value yet. Right? Besides, your highest-level service might not be the best fit for all people. It’s almost impossible to build a business by just offering your high-end services. You need a full range of offers.

Instead of persuading someone to buy the most expensive offering right away, we build a funnel that will help us to do two things:

  • Provide value to each customer at a unique level of service that they can afford.
  • Make money and be profitable while identifying our dream customers who can afford our highest offer.

The best way to show you how this works is to look at a sales funnel chart. See the link of the Value Ladder Chart

A funnel moves people through the sales process. They enter as prospective customers (traffic), and your job is to convert as many as possible into repeat customers. You give them something FREE at the front-end of the funnel, then you sell them something of small cost at the middle-end, and something of higher value at the back-end of your funnel.

Above the funnel is traffic to find your potential customers. At the top of your funnel is the “bait” that will attract your dream customers. Notice that this bait is also the first layer of the Value Ladder. As you start featuring your bait, potential customers will start raising their hands, and a certain percentage of those people will purchase your offer.

Then you will move to the next step in your funnel. Here you will introduce the next product or service in your Value Ladder. This will, of course, be something with MORE value, while also costing a little more money. Unfortunately, not everyone who purchases your bait will also purchase more expensive, high-value product, but a certain percentage of those people will.

From there, you move deeper into the funnel and introduce the next product or service on your Value Ladder. Again, not everyone will buy this product, but a percentage of the customers who initially took the bait- will. You will continue to do this through all the levels of your Value Ladder, and at the bottom of your funnel, a handful of people will appear who can afford—and may be willing to purchase—your high-end services. These are your dream customers, the ones you want to work with at a more intimate level.

The deeper the funnel is, the more things you can offer your customers and the more each customer will be worth to you. And the more they are worth to you, the more you can spend to acquire them. “Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” —Dan Kennedy

Every product you will sell online have to have a sales funnel that take people through. In fact, immediately after the customer buys something, they are offered an up-sell or two before they even leave the page. This is one type of sales funnel. But after they have purchased something from you, use other types of communication funnels to build a relationship and encourage them to purchase other products and services that you sell. Every product you sell has its own sales funnel to provide value and convert the buyer into a higher-end customer.

The fact is that a percentage of everyone who buys will upgrade to one of your online offers. Also know that from there, a percentage of those people will upgrade to a high-end ticket offer.

And a few, of the ones who are the right fit, will be the one who will follow you on everything you do. They will read everything you publish, listen to all the videos that you post, buy every product you have, wear your tee shirt and get your coffee mug. Lastly they will travel long distance to be at one of your event.

Let’s Review what we talk about so far:

A sales funnel is just the online process you take someone through to get them to ascend through the different levels of your Value Ladder. It will help you find your dream customers, offer them your bait, and lead them to where you want them to go— all while providing the customers value and making you money.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a Sales Funnel.

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