MLMT 203: Make Money While You Sleep

MLM Trigger Episode #203

We talked about what a tripwire funnel is and how to use it in your MLM business and today we can see the components that we need to create one.

When you have mastered the art of making the sale as a network marketer, there are so many different variables, but the basics always remain the same.

A quick recap of the role of a sales funnel:

Awareness – This will be the stage at which someone has visited your website and can relate to your brand.

Decision – At this stage, the potential prospect has decided that they would like to hear more about what you have to free offer and may opt-in.

Interest – These prospects have tried out your freebies, read the content and are following you. At this stage, they want to know how can you help them with your products or services.

Action – These people have done their research and have decided that you are the one to help them with their pain points and become customers.

Loyalty – These are your repeat customers. The ones who will rave and write testimonials about your products. These are YOUR DREAM CUSTOMERS.

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The best passive sales funnel consists of a simple way of collecting emails subscribers through a tripwire funnel by offering a low cost offer. And then an email nurture sequence that ends in your core offer… your MLM product or opportunity.

How to create a tripwire offer?

The key to a successful tripwire is to create an inexpensive, but irresistible deal. The deal has to be so good that someone knows in a split-second that it’s something they must have.

What are the main components of a tripwire?

It’s inexpensive… While the price is usually relative to the cost of your main offer, most tripwire offers are under $10.00.

Very high quality… You can’t compromise on quality just because you’re selling something that is inexpensive. Your tripwire offer will be the first interaction people will have with your products. If you fail to impress them right from the start… then why would they buy a more expensive product from you?

Simple to use or implement… Whatever you offer, it must be easy to obtain and implement so that your buyer is clear on what they need to do.

Related to your core offer… Beware of what kind of mailing list you are building because If you’re building a mailing list that doesn’t care about your core offer… You’ll be stuck with customers who won’t buy your flagship products.

Promises a quick win… Ensure that your tripwire offer allows people to achieve what you promise within a short space of time.

Step One: Use a lead magnet because it works great with your tripwire funnel. Since the tripwire funnel works both as a selling point and lead gathering, a lead magnet can make it more vivid. You have to put an offer for a lead magnet that can attract prospects to receive your emails.

A tripwire funnel has three main parts. In the first part, you create an original low-ticket offer that attracts prospects. If they find it helpful, they may move ahead and make a purchase… which is the primary intent of the tripwire funnel. This can be Free Plus Shipping is a strategy where you offer some product for $0.00 as long as the customer is willing to pay the shipping charges.

The next part is where they get to see a one-time-only higher ticket offer. This offer is basically one of your best MLM products that you offer for a discount price. Most MLM company have those bundled products for a much lower price and they always work great as a tripwire.

If they like it, they can purchase it and if they reject the higher ticket in this funnel, they get to see a medium value ticket. This offer is less expensive than the higher ticket and higher than the initial one.

So the first page… we have the Lead magnet page — The second page is the Tripwire funnel with an offer less than $10 or FREE+shipping — Then the third page is High ticket offer — if they don’t buy, it redirects them to Middle ticket offer — The last page is the Thank you page

Tripwire sales funnels can take a little time to set up, but they are definitely worth the work. Because it’s a proven and successful model in today’s competitive market. By using a tripwire funnel is a fast track to generating leads and sales for your MLM products/services.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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