MLMT 165: How To Take Your Prospect’s Temperature

MLM Trigger Episode #165

We talked about the framework that introduce your product to your market. Today let’s talk about how to use this powerful tip to get the prospect say YES over and over again.

Throughout your presentation you want to use this little technique to closes your audience over and over again so that when you are done, they will be more than willing to purchase your offer.

The trial close can be very telling, revealing to you what your prospect THINKS about your product or service or even challenges that might be holding them back from making a decision. By utilizing the trial close, you can learn valuable information that will enable you to adjust your presentation and approach so that you can move forward with closing the sale.

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This little technique Trial Closes… can be used during your MLM presentation by asking dozens of little yes-or-no questions where the only answer is yes. Your audience will instantly started nodding.

You are constantly asking simple questions to get people to say yes over and over again, so when you ask them to buy your product or join your opportunity at the end, they’ve already told you yes hundreds of times before that.

How often do you attempt a trial closing during your presentation?

You should reconsider adding trial closing techniques to your sales process.

All the marketers who use them on a regular basis understand their importance in learning about their customers and moving them closer to making a sale.

If you have automated webinar that you are using for promoting your product then take some time to listen to the recording. Then you want to find places where you can INSERT some trial closes. Then watch the magic happen and see those little trial closes have big impact on your performance.

It’s important to understand why are Trial Closes important. Using a trial close provides you with two very important pieces of information. It tells you where you are in the sales process and where the buyer is in the purchase process. It also tells you how to move forward.

Let’s make the distinction between Trial Close vs. Closing the Deal

One thing that we need to understand is that trial closes are not the same as asking for a sale. A trial close is used to see how a customer feels about the sale or a particular feature but the close is asking for the business. The difference is the trial close asks for the customer’s opinion, not the sale.

Trial closes are commonly posed in question form. It’s a way to engage a customer in conversation and see how they feel about something without being pushy or making them feel pressured.

This technique can be used for all your marketing online and offline.

Start using lots of little statements that get your audience to think or say yes over and over again. The more you can get them to say yes, the more likely they will accept the epiphanies you’ve shared with them and the offer presented. Trial closes are a huge part of telling effective stories.

When you get to the end of the presentation and start the stack/bonuses, there are lots of really good closes that help strengthen your argument. After observing the customer's behavior, you can determine the type of open-ended question that'll be most effective in estimating their interest in purchasing your product or opportunity.


-Are you all getting this?
-Based on what we have discussed, do you have any questions about XYZ?
-Is this making sense?
-Can you imagine if that happened to you? Can you see yourself doing ——?
-Are you ready to get started?

The goal for using close is to help them realize that if they leave today without investing, nothing in their life will change. You spend money to get something greater in return because money is a tool for exchange of value.

Remember to use those trial closes right before you introduce a new element in the stack. Sometimes you’ll even use two or three closes in between elements. They just flow naturally one into the other.

If you are using this technique for a presentation online or off-line then your first goal to use trial close is to understand where you are in the sales process so you know what is important to the buyer and where to take the conversation.

Remember the first reason to use a trial close is that you want to take the prospect’s temperature during your presentation and find out about what are their pain points. If you don’t know where you are in the process then you cannot move on.

The second reason to use a trial close is to found out when it is appropriate to ask for the purchase. Knowing when to ask for the sale is much more important than knowing how to ask for the sale.

At this point, you know how to deliver a Perfect MLM Presentation. Now it’s time to look at the different funnels you’ll use and how you’ll work this system week after week.

LISTEN: ▶️ How To Take Your Prospect’s Temperature

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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