MLMT 223: How To Sell Your Product Without A Single Pitch

MLM Trigger Episode #223

In our last episode… We talked about how to create content for different stages of the funnel. Today we are going to talk about the importance to target your right audience. Lead Generation

Let’s clarify something that might seem a little backward at first, but it is one of fundamental keys to sharing your message.

To be on the same page with your perfect customer… you want to focus on ONE SINGLE PERSON who is your potential customer. That person wants and needs your MLM products, opportunity and services.

So that way you can create, market and sell exactly what that one PERSON need and want most. And you can frame all your… sales copies, courses, emails and content marketing.

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Without a well-defined perfect customer, you have no direction. You’re just “guessing”.

You may be wondering why focus on only ONE PERSON. Well, there are billions of people in this world and tons of people need what you’re selling. By focusing your efforts on this ONE SINGLE PERSON you are not limiting your reach.

You are actually helping yourself to be laser focused on who you would want to serve. When you’re laser focused you actually stand out to the people that will RESONATE with you most.

Success is in building an audience of like-minded people around your target market that they feel connected with. These people are the ones engaging with your content, buying your products and they are the people who are going to take your business to the next level.

The first question you have to ask yourself “WHO do I want to serve?

Once you’ve figured out who your potential customers are, optimize your marketing message and content to resonate with them. Each piece of content should be focused on at least one aspect of your buyer personas. Your homepage, landing pages, and blog content should be focused on addressing their wants, needs and fears.

Once you’ve addressed those things in your content, your product will be a logical choice that solves their pain points. Solving their problems becomes your unique value proposition.

Solving problems is what you do. It may not always seem like it, but this is what your role is. In order to do this you have to understand your target market/audience.

Your website and blog content should not be focused on selling. Keep addressing the concerns your prospects have at various stages in the decision-making process.

In this sense, your website should serve the customers and demonstrate how your MLM product helps them. This should be the main goal of your marketing strategy. Create gated but exclusive content or resources, that require viewers to visit your website to access.

Develop valuable content such as e-books, guides, templates or access to private communities. Promote these resources in the emails, blogs or videos and emphasize the added value they provide. Include compelling calls-to-action that direct viewers to your website to access the exclusive content, encouraging them to engage further with your brand.

Find out where your target customers spend their time and get their information. Then, present them with your content in their own environment. You’ll often find what works in one online community. Always experiment with different tactics and measure what works best for each marketing channel.

To generate leads, focus on producing high-quality contents that provide value to your target audience. Address their pain points, answer their questions or entertain them with engaging content. Remember do some thorough research to understand your target market interests and needs. Plan and create all you marketing contents that align with their preferences, providing solutions, insights that keeps them coming back for more.

Drive traffic directly to your website by including clickable links in the page descriptions. Add your website URLs strategically in the descriptions of relevant contents. Clearly communicate the value you provide so that your prospects will go to your website. Encourage viewers to click on the links to explore further on your website.

Show your ideal customers what experiences are wrapped up with your product. Focus on solving their problems and the sales will start rolling in without a single pitch.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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