MLMT 128: How To Qualify and Identify Your Customer

MLM Trigger Episode #128

We talked about the First Phase “Determine Traffic Temperature” and Second Phase how to “Set Up The Pre-Frame Bridge. Today let go into the Third Phase which is about Qualify Your Subscribers

To quickly recap about the HOT - WARM - COLD traffic which need a different Pre-Frame from one to the other so they understand the offer and make them more likely to convert. You bridge the knowledge gap using a Pre-Frame.

Third Phase: Qualify Subscribers

The whole goal here is to take all the HOT - WARM - COLD traffic and find out who is willing to give us an email address in exchange for more information. (This is known as subscribing to a list.) If people aren’t willing to give their email addresses at this point, they are highly unlikely to give you money later.

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Qualifying subscribers is done through an "opt-in or squeeze page" that offers something of VALUE in return for a CONTACT INFORMATION. This is typically the very frontend of your Value Ladder. It’s usually a free report or a free video showing the visitor one thing they would really want to know.

Let’s say you have 1000 visitors who come to your site. If you have a 30% conversion rate at this point, then you know that about 300 people who will be interested in your information. Now you have a list of warm leads, and you can continue to move them through the rest of your funnel.

Fourth Phase: Qualify Buyers

Immediately after you qualify your subscribers, you want to find out who among them is a buyer.

How many of those three hundred people who were interested in getting free information are willing to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase?

You must find your potential buyers immediately after you qualify subscribers. Don’t wait qualify buyers right away.

Dan Kennedy’ golden principle is: “a buyer is a buyer is a buyer”. If someone is willing to buy from you once, they’ll continue to buy from you as long as you keep offering value. So as soon as someone fills out their name and email address and clicks the submit button, they should land on a page that offers something to buy.

Offer them something of value that will hook them. It’s typically a little higher up your Value Ladder, and this is where you are selling your “bait,” which is something your dream clients will really love. It should be priced so low that it’s an absolute no-brainer for them to buy. You want to qualify every buyer on the list, so don’t put up any barriers.

A “free-plus-shipping” offer or something in the five to seven dollar range. The offer is extremely cheap because you want all the buyers to go for it. Once you’ve identified who the buyers are, then you can market to them differently. At this point, you have two lists: subscribers and buyers. Each list is unique and gets treated differently.

Fifth Phase: Identify Hyperactive Buyers

After you’ve identified the buyers, you want to identify the hyperactive buyers. These are the people who are in some kind of pain right now and will buy more than one thing at a time.

You want to identify these people as quickly as possible.

Who’s in pain right now?

And what are they willing to buy right now to alleviate that pain?

You want to be able to offer them something—or several somethings. If you don’t, they’ll leave your site and go find another site to buy from. People love to buy. And when they’re in pain and want relief, they will spend money in that quest. So think about what you can up-sell or down-sell after your initial offer.
That’s because you want to identify your hyperactive buyers. Once you know who they are, you are going to treat them differently, too.

Sixth Phase #6: Age and Ascend the Relationship

At this point, the initial sales experience is pretty much over. Points one through five happen in less than ten minutes, and the next two points keep those people you’ve identified coming back to buy from you again and again. These next steps are what keeps them referring you to their friends.

During this step, you want to age and ascend the relationship. If you’ve followed the five phases of the funnel, you’ve already moved people through the first level or two or three on your Value Ladder. Now, you’re going to continue to provide value and help people with whatever you offer. Let them dig into whatever products they’ve already purchased, and give them enough time to see the value you give them. You’re going to ascend them up the ladder over a longer period of time, eventually moving them to the very top level.

Seven Phase: Change the Selling Environment

If you want to sell high-ticket products, the most common ways to change the environment are to sell the pricier items over the phone or at a live event.

People on the phone are more likely to listen closely to an offer. The sales person has the benefit of live feedback. He or she can overcome objections and help people make up their minds on the fly. When we change the selling environment, we can communicate at a different level, and it becomes easier to move people up to the higher levels of the Value Ladder.

Let’s Review: You need to break out and examine each of the phases your customer passes through in your sales funnels. After you are aware of the distinct steps and break each out into a separate experience, you can then tweak each aspect to get more conversions. In this way, you can help people ascend to the next level of your Value Ladder.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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