MLMT 175: How To Provide Logical Reasons To Buy NOW

MLM Trigger Episode #175

We talked about the different ways to cause these brain chemicals inside of the buying process when someone is asking for a refund … Today we are going to talk about how to use these brain chemicals to make the sales using LOGICAL REASONS AND CLOSES when you sell your MLM offer.

The key is to understand the sales psychology by becoming a better marketer, then you won’t need to work really hard to make the sales.

Let me recap this real fast here and tie it up together.… WHY DO PEOPLE ASK FOR A REFUND and what cause these brain chemicals during the purchasing process.

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So why the refund happens… When you’re talking to someone who is buying from you… They’re getting dopamine… because they’re getting distracted…They’re getting oxytocin… because they are going through purchase. They know it’s an amazing brand, so there’s a sense of status that comes with it, serotonin…There’s a little bit of work reward by pulling their credit card out and buying, they’re feeling endorphins…

They’re getting all 4 hormones during the purchasing process. One of the BIGGEST reason why they are asking for the refund is because you did not equipped them with “the logical“ the left side of the brain during the sale. MEANING: You didn’t give them logical CLOSES…

Example: Let’s say that you go into a grocery store and you want to buy some milk… How many times you actually walk out with just milk?

Never… Why? Because you like to buy. Everyone does. And you think : You know what, I should get some bread while I am here and some butter since I am here…

What are you doing? You are logically justifying the purchases. But what happens when you get home and your loves says, “I thought you were just getting milk?” You panic and think, what do I say? What you are going to say is the LOGICAL CLOSES.

A logical close is nothing more than a reason to ACT NOW.

What are they saying? “buy one, get the second one free” - It was half off - If I did it now, then I got the special deal… so I did it

They start justifying the logical reasons to act now. Not the stories that you told them… people DON’T mention the stories, they mention the logical reasons to act now to save face in front of loved ones who asked why they bought something else.

WHAT the meaning is: When you’re selling your MLM offer to somebody, you want to give them as many logical reasons that they should be doing this as soon as possible.

You want to tell them things like: “It makes sense to take action right now.”
“You’re smart to get this done now because it’s buy one, get one free before midnight.”

QUESTION: What did I just do?

I just equipped them with something that they can quote to their loved ones when they try to save face later on…They’re NOT the salesman, and now they have to sell their loved ones on the decision they made.

The whole point is: The purchase is not over until you have equipped them with lots of logical reasons to act now, so they know what to say once their loved ones challenge their purchase…

Now let’s tie it all together when you are doing a webinar and promote your offer. It is best to educate them with stories because it works really well, so just use them over and over again.

One of the most powerful ways is after someone comes through your webinar funnel, to send emails to those who didn’t show up to the webinar, and have them go through the product launch sequence instead. That way, those who didn’t get a chance to consume your message can get it in a different format they may be more likely to watch.

Basically you create the structure of the webinar using a product funnel. You record an intro video telling them you origin story, then had an opt-in Call To Action for the rest of the video in the sequence.

The second video is telling them about the new MLM opportunity, by focusing on their internal beliefs and the third video you talk about their external beliefs. Then the fourth video is about all the bonuses/stack that they are getting when they buy or join now.

Don’t forget to use these brain chemicals to make the sales using LOGICAL REASONS AND CLOSES, that way they won’t ask for a refund after they made the purchase

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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