MLMT 147: How To Make Their Objections Irrelevant

MLM Trigger Episode #147

We talked about communicating your new opportunity with your prospects by using the opportunity switch strategies. Today let’s talk about focusing on the ONE THING.

Your whole goal is to slow down and look around and try to identify the One Thing that if you could knock THAT down, all the other pieces of the equations would become irrelevant.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to implement this in your business, then the first step is to create belief by figuring out the ONE THING you have to get someone to knock down all their other objections, make them insignificant, or disappear altogether.

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Don’t forget that the more things you asked someone to believe in your sales pitch, the worse the offer convert. In fact, if you try to make more than ONE point or ask someone to focus on more than ONE thing in a sales message, conversion rates dropped by half.

Look at how many things a prospect has to believe in order to buy what you’re selling. If it’s more than one, you need to rework your sales presentation.

Ask yourself: “What’s the One Thing I need to focus on? What is the one belief that I need to knock down?” Every product has One Thing that will knock down all the smaller objections and resistance. If we can get people to believe in that One Thing, then they will have to buy it.

If you can get someone to believe in the ONE THING that people wants the most, then it knocks down every other belief and makes any other argument unimportant to the person who has that belief.

That’s why it’s hard to have an argument with someone about something they truly believe in. When that seed of belief is there, it doesn’t matter how much you try to convince them otherwise, it has already knocked down all the other smaller beliefs that you’re trying to stack back up.

The One Thing is a basic statement kind of like… If I can get someone to TRULY believe that (my new opportunity) is the key to (what they desire most) and they can ONLY get it through (my specific vehicle), then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they will buy from me.

When someone believes they have to have a funnel to share their MLM opportunity / products and the only way they can get one is to buy your opportunity. There is no other option. If you’re struggling to make a valid argument that works, it’s typically because you didn’t create a new opportunity, but instead you have created an improvement offer. So that statement is NOT true and then the argument won’t be valid.

An improvement offer is NOT a new opportunity— because you are in the mainstream. There are thousands of identical MLM programs crowding that niche. They could literally buy one of a hundred different opportunities / products to satisfy the belief you created.

The first step is by creating your Big THING statement. Once you have a statement that works and is true, the next step is to create real belief in your One Thing.

One important distinction is not to try to sell people on why they should join your new opportunity.

You need to create the emotion that really cause action. If you want people to adopt a new concept, you have to lead them to the answer, but you can’t GIVE it to them. They have to come up with the idea themselves. You plant the idea in their minds with a story, and if THEY come up with the answer, they will have sold themselves. The buying decision becomes theirs, not yours. When that happens, you don’t have to sell them anything.

You have to tell a story that takes people through the emotional experience that got YOU excited about the new opportunity you’re presenting to them. The first time you discovered your expert topic, SOMETHING happened that excited you.

Now at this point you’ve had an emotional connection with the new opportunity as well as a logical connection. Then, because you believe so much in what you’re learning, you have a desire to share it with other people, and then you became logically sold on the new opportunity. But all the logical stuff that strengthened your own beliefs in the new opportunity will not help people buy unless they’ve ALREADY HAD THE SAME INITIAL EMOTIONAL connection that you had.

There’s a time and a place for logic, but you have to convince them emotionally first, before they’ll be excited by your logic. BECAUSE Logic doesn’t sell. Emotions sell.

It only takes a couple of things to really make a captivating and interesting story.

The first key to telling captivating stories is over-simplification. When you’re telling stories, you need to speak at about a third-grade level. People are used to digesting information at about a third-grade level. This keeps your stories simple, entertaining, and effective. Over-simplification is the key.

The next key to improve your storytelling is to add in feelings and emotions.

It’s essential that you control their state, and you do this by telling the story in a way that gets them to feel what you felt. If you want them to have the same emotional connection you had, they need to be in the same state that you were in, when you had that connection.

Now that you understand the basics of how to simplify your stories, and how to get people to feel things when you tell your stories, next let’s transition into story structure. When you learn the right structure for telling your stories, you will become a master at storytelling and story selling.

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