MLMT 155: How To Increase Your Value Offering

MLM Trigger Episode #155

We talked about the money skills for selling effectively. Today let’s talk about selling your MLM opportunity by using the six different types of elements that work best with your offer.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my first internet marketing seminar (it was Russell Brunson) when he was just finishing up his presentation, and he made an offer. He was selling the concept of using a funnel to sale your offer that applies to whatever business you in and the price was $1,997.

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I watched in amazement as 100+ people ran to the back of the room to buy. I did the math in my head and realized that he had just made over $200,000 from his short presentation. I was in all these live seminars when this happen again with Cash Flow Tactics where their product was $5,000 program…

Then it happened with an online webinar with Jason Fladlien/Dan Hollings offering a course $2,500 and Dean Graziosi/Tony Robbins online course of $1,995…

Doing the same concept. I bought all those courses and could see how many people bought it as well. What did they do to make this happen?

Before you ever start selling anything, your first step is to create an irresistible offer. This is the product you are selling at the end of your live or online presentation. Then you stack up something that will complement your core offer for FREE (4 to 6 bonuses) that a customer gets when they decide to buy.

To start this process, you spend a few hours brainstorming everything you can think up by providing value for your dream customer to get them their desired result.

Every item on the list has to add value attached to your core offer. The goal is to show that you’re giving 10 times as much value as you’re asking for in price. So if you’re selling a $97 product, you want to add up to at least $997 or more.

The 6 types of elements that work best in MLM offers:

Element #1: The Opportunity Switch Masterclass is the first thing in your list to include as a bonus on your stack slide. This is the actual system that teach them your new opportunity. This is what you will teach in your beta group during your free online masterclass. After you teach it once for free, it will be fleshed out in more detail in the actual course you’ll be selling.

Element #2: The Tools when someone participates in your masterclass, you explain what tools they need to make the process easier for them and help them succeed. You give them tangible asset such as tools like a template they need to fill in or checklists to follow or scripts.

Basically, you’re selling a by-product of your own business which you already created for yourself, so it’s no extra work to offer them because they are learning the same process.

Element #3: Tangible #1 (Related to the Vehicle) What tangible thing can you create to help them change their belief. You can create a product about using MLM sales funnel and find 10 examples of people using this process and having success with it. Then put them together into a case study booklet or video training that people could watch or read as proof that the vehicle works and to get a better insight about how others are doing it. The more belief in the new opportunity you can create, the more likely they will be able to achieve the same results.

Element #4: Tangible #2 (Related to Their Internal Struggle) Once they believe the vehicle is right for them, what beliefs do they have about THEMSELVES that make them think they can’t succeed?

What tangible asset can you create that will help them overcome this internal struggle. It could be some tools like templates and swipe files that will give them the confidence to realize they can actually build funnels.

Element #5: Tangible #3 (Related to an External Struggle) This is usually the last thing holding someone back from getting results. They believed in the vehicle, they believed in themselves, but had fears that no one would ever click into their funnels. So you can create a video course showing them how to drive traffic into their funnels. For your opportunity, think about what outside things might possibly keep people from success, then create something to help eliminate or minimize that excuse.

Element #6: Exclusive Final Bonus You want to create something that will cause urgency and scarcity. You can make a special offer for those who sign up and join your opportunity before a certain deadline. Maybe you give the first 10 people a personal access to you via an accountability group, or a phone consultation, or a mastermind event.

Once you have your bonuses stack slide assembled, you have got an irresistible offer—a vehicle for real change. Next, you’ll learn the script used to present and sell your offer

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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