MLMT 123: How To Get Seen & How To Get Read

MLM Trigger Episode #123

Today we are going to talk about “how should your Attractive Character communicate with your list going forward after your introduction”.

When you first start growing your list, you probably wonder what to say that is important enough that people would want to open and read it.

The answer is not writing content-packed emails that often take long time to write. When someone had gone through your introduction the “Soap Opera Sequence” and bonded with YOUR Attractive Character.

Your emails should be 90% entertainment and just 10% content.

You want the Attractive Character to be fun and entertaining. That’s how you’re going to write your emails moving forward after your introduction.

So how many emails to you send your prospects moving forward?

Many entrepreneurs get VERY nervous about how often they email their lists.

I feel that way, too. My take on this is “less is better”. You decide what is best for you. It could be daily emails or every other day or weekly.

Remember the most important tip is that you want your readers to be so entertained that they won’t get annoyed when you sending your emails consistently.

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The secret to keeping your subscribers happy to hear from you, is using this simple formula.

-Be 90% entertaining by just talking about your day to day life.
-What’s going on in your Attractive Character’s life?
-What happened that’s embarrassing?
-How are you getting through the holiday season?
-Where are you planning your vacation this year?
-What did you buy recently that you regret?
-What did you buy recently that you absolutely love?
-What made you scream with rage yesterday, that you’re laughing about today?

These are emails about nothing. Just random entertaining stories.

EXCEPT ... they have a purpose. The goal is to lead people back to whatever you’re selling. It might be your core offer of your MLM product or opportunity. Every story needs to relate back to something you’re selling.

That’s the secret. That’s how you make money.

If you just send out entertaining emails and don’t tie in your products or opportunities, you won’t make a dime. Not even if you’re the best storyteller in the world. EVERY EMAIL and EACH STORY must be tied back into some type of MLM offer for your audience.

One thing about theses emails that are different from your introduction sequence. These are broadcast emails, these are not auto-responders emails.

Soap Opera Sequence emails are set up to be an auto-responder sequence. That means after someone signs up, they get email one on the first day, then email two on the next, etc.

The broadcasting emails are different. After someone has completed your SOAP OPERA series, they should be moved to a broadcast list where they will only get the on-broadcast email that you send out that day. Broadcast emails are typically not lined up in a sequence that everyone has to go through.

That doesn’t mean you can’t write them ahead of time and schedule the broadcasts in your email provider, but typically they are tied to relevant things happening in the life of the Attractive Character as they are happening in present time.

Lastly, these emails do double duty when you put them on your blog. Meaning that you leverage your broadcast email by simply copy and paste in a quick, easy, and consistent blog content that leads people to a sale.

Let’s Review what we talked about:

Your Soap Opera Sequence (auto-responder) starts the journey and the bonding process. It’s an introduction of the Attractive Character’s to your new subscriber to rapidly bond with a prospect (or new customer) and establish connections. If you follow the outline provided, you’ll notice an increase in your sales simply because people can relate to your backstory and epiphany after they read about it.

The on-broadcasting emails continue the conversation… and is your biggest ASSET — a single email — published on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) that delivers value over the long-term for years. The goal is to be fun and entertaining while you sell your MLM product or opportunity.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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