MLMT 249:  How To Attract Prospects In The Awareness Stage

MLM Trigger Episode #249

We talked about the customer unaware stage and today let’s talk about the second stage of the awareness stage - Problem aware.

Have you ever had a problem... something that was bugging you... but you had no clue how to solve it? A prospect in the Problem Awareness stage when they know they have a problem... but they don’t know that solutions exist.

What is the problem awareness stage?

It is where the visitor knows that they have a problem or desire, but they either don’t know how to fix it or aren’t sure where to get their needs met. However, problem aware consumers aren't familiar with the possible solutions to their needs. And they are looking for solutions to their needs or pain through search engine results

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Problem-aware visitors are pretty easy to spot using basic analytics. For example, these visitors typically find your site by searching for a specific answer, such as, “How to lose weight without dieting.”

Maybe they clicked through to your site, following an ad that targets a problem–like, “How to lose 10 pounds at home.” Once you know your visitor’s problem, you can solve it easily for them with you product.

Your content for the customer aware of their problem is for someone who is often actively searching for a solution to their problem or a way to fulfill their want.

Design content for your problem aware customers that explores all the possibilities related to their problem or want. While you can include your MLM offerings as one of those possibilities, problem aware customers may respond best to content that explains all of their options rather than focusing on a particular product.

For example, someone struggle with weight loss. Your company sells organic cleanses that could help these potential consumers. However, instead of creating an ad focused on your MLM product offerings, make your content explores a variety of solutions to weight loss, such as removing sugar from their diet, drinking filter water, exercising and talk about your product.

Then tell your customers about the value of your product at the end of your content but only after describing other solutions to weight loss.

Using a case study throughout your funnel for the problem awareness stage like a SOLUTION HEADLINE. “How to lose 10 pounds at home.” That’s a Problem Aware headline right there. The problem is mentioned with a benefit (without telling the solution itself) which is not present in the headline.

Blog posts are often used for people in the problem aware stage since the the blog is content, rather than direct sales copy. You basically write a blog post that mixes informative content with a real customer success story. A case study is almost like an ad disguised as a blog post.

Now when you know how to create your content strategy for the problem awareness stage, everything that's left is to write great content, distribute it, measure its effectiveness, improve it and repeat the process over and over again.

LISTEN: ▶️ How To Attract Prospects In The Awareness Stage

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