MLMT 224: How Important Is Your First Impression

MLM Trigger Episode #224

We talked about the importance to target your right audience and today let go over how to entice your prospects. Lead Generation

The importance of an email marketing is to craft it to right audience. In our MLM industry we want to offer the best value that attract customers and keep them engaged. The best way to do that is to pop-up in their inbox.

Just think about it… 50% of American check their email in bed. So how can you make sure that your prospects are checking up your content at night instead of your competitor? Well you need to keep them focus and satisfied.

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Your first impression is the most important… If you meet someone wearing a clown costume, you probably not going to take that person seriously.

To translate into the digital world— the subject line you give to your email recipient is literally your first and only chance to capture their interest.

A lack of compelling information won’t entice your users to open their email— instead it’s likely to give your content a one-way trip to the trash folder.

It’s doesn’t mean that you should mislead your prospects with extravagant subject lines. The perfect subject line is something that feels just right. A short version that capture the content you are promoting.

Mobile devices are more popular than ever as the PRIMARY device for people to check their emails and browse the internet. This has never happened before because most users obsess over their smartphones and want to be able to read information on the go.

That said, optimize your email marketing content for all size of mobile devices. Responsive design at a minimum, a page that needs to be scaled to fit the screen size of any mobile device.

The last thing you want is to waste time and effort crafting your content that will still get ignored because they are not properly formatted.

The first contact starts with personalization, that the best insight into what you can do to improve you online efforts. Don’t be the person sending emails that are annoying, salesy and irrelevant. This doesn’t work.

You want to make a difference and find ways to customize the content you produce so that it matches your audience needs and interests exactly.

Most likely you know your target market sufficiently to personalize your content for their specific needs.

Remember even a small amount of personalization is worth the work. It will increase your email marketing and achieve 5 times more sales. And about a 20% open rate of your email when the subject line is personalize.

Also make a difference with testimonials which play a big role in conversion. Testimonials behave like a social lubricant— a powerful motivational factor in consumer acting.

So what kind of customer testimonial should you be inserting into your email marketing efforts? The ones that tell the story of your idea customer.

A good testimonial it’s something that outlines the problem that has been overcome by a product or service.

Accessible— It should be simply written and easy to read.

Specific— Talking about specific solutions, features and outcomes.

Informative— It should talk about what the customer experienced before and after the purchase of your product.

Keep in mind while all testimonials can be useful, the ones that you want to draw attention to are the ones that can sell your product.

From making the right first impression to using testimonials as a way of building your reputation and make sales. It’s one of the most effective and lucrative things you can do for your MLM business.

Take an active role in all your marketing content and if you make it shine… your business will shine as well.

LISTEN: 🎶 How Important Is Your First Impression

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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