MLMT 252:  Get Your Prospects To Buy Faster

MLM Trigger Episode #252

We talked about about the third stage witch is Product Awareness.. And today, the last stage of the levels of customer awareness which is Most Aware.

Most aware prospects already know what you do. They already think that you’re the best answer to their problem. When the visitor is most aware, he/she has found the right product to solve their problem—they’re just waiting for a good offer to make the purchase.

All they need to do is hear your offer. The biggest mistake people make for most aware prospects is saying too much. Get out of the way! Make a great offer, include a great guarantee to reduce the risk and let people buy.

How do you know if a visitor is at this stage? When they keep returning to the same product page, have an item in their cart or land on your site from a product with your marketing ad.

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Most-aware prospects have the intent to buy—they’re just not entirely sold on buying your MLM product right now. Your goal is to reduce the uncertainty around making a purchase and draw these prospects in with personalized offers or limited-time deals that are triggered when a visitor tries to delete the item in their cart.

Promote special offers upon the prospect exit intent:

1- You can use special deals to regain that prospect
2- Prevent cart abandonment by offering time-limited offers
3- Personalize exit-offers and remind customers of previously-viewed products

The most aware customer is close to becoming a paying customer. They know their need and they've decided that your MLM company can provide the best solution to that need. Consumers in the most aware stage typically just want further details on product pricing or maybe product bundles before making their purchase.

These prospects at this stage, are typically the easiest and least expensive group to market and sell to. They only need minimal persuasion to convert to customers and make a purchase.

Content for most aware customers

Your most aware customers typically need just a little more encouragement to become paying customers. Design content for your most aware customers that strengthens their desire to make a purchase. You can also develop content that addresses any reasons they might hesitate to purchase from you. For example, if you suspect a potential customer hesitate because of negative reviews, create content that specifically responds to the feedback from those negative reviews and reduces the potential customer's concerns.

Here are some content ideas for your most aware customers:

1- Content that appeals to their emotions
2- Content about possible hesitations, such as videos or Frequently Asked Questions
3- Content that is entertaining or unique
4- Content that have special promotions or limited-time discounts

After your customers make their purchase, you need to think about how you can keep their attention and nurture your relationship with them. You want them to keep coming back, because it costs you about 25 times less to keep a customer than it does to win a new one.

That covers all the stages of awareness—and honestly, if you understand these stages of awareness, you’re already ahead of the game. Now the last thing you will need is to create a marketing plan that gives each prospect what they need at the right time.

Next: Let’s talk about Customer Value Optimization

LISTEN: ▶️ Get Your Prospects To Buy Faster

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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