MLMT 168: Get Your Prospects Hungry For More

MLM Trigger Episode #168

We talked about modeling the perfect presentation for your online webinar… Today let’s talk about how to sell your offer on a webinar by helping viewers get so confident, so trusting that they jump at the chance to purchase.

What’s the trick to selling your MLM opportunity using webinars? Here is the Golden Rule to attract prospects, deliver your message and close business with a Webinar.

Follow this simple formula:

  1. Tell them what you’re about to tell them.
  2. Tell them the “NEW way to look at MLM”.
  3. Review what you just told them and remind them the main point again by clarify that is something completely new. You want them to experience confidence that came with your “ah-ha moment”

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The most essential goal is getting your prospects a CLEAR message that get buyers confident in themselves and trusting you.

Don’t forget your Webinar is the pain-remover. Everyone has pains, fears and goals. Answers these questions:

  • What keeps my prospects up at night?
  • What they get excited about?
  • What specific goals or aspirations my prospects have?
  • Are there myths they believe that prevent them from getting what they want?

Go beyond relevant and make the title irresistible.

Your topic must be goal-oriented, specific to a pain, fear, goal or ambition of your prospects. More importantly, your title must promise complete satisfaction in a way that the prospects cannot resist acting on (signing-up AND showing-up). The tip to write a magnetic title is to appeal with emotions and desires. Attention grabbers that generate sign-ups

Just skip the introduction and give them what they want. Qualify yourself and quickly and move on. Other than a passionate 30-60 seconds on why they should invest their time with you. You must be on a mission. This is where you connect with the audience.

Promise viewers something NEW, then deliver it. Literally say to them, “I know you don’t have time to waste, so I’m not going to waste it. Immediately tell your audience, what you are about to share is probably going to be new for them.

Let them judge if it’s going to be “powerful” or “life-changing.” Don’t over-sell your promise. Keep it simple, focused and under-stated.

Most likely, what I’m about to tell you about __ (insert audience’s goal or pain) will be new to you … you’ve probably not heard this before. Show them how to start DO-ing the NEW way.

Guiding prospects encourage them to ask more questions, builds trust and creates intense curiosity in you—a hunger for more of what you can offer.

90% of “what works” is based on this simple idea. Present the solution clearly … but in way that provokes prospects’ curiosity. Answer questions always creates more questions about the details (relating to what you sell).

Meet that expectation and create hunger for more.

Give insights why they’ve never heard of this before. Be crystal clear and use stories to illustrate. Guide the prospects in a way that encourage them to ask more questions and creates intense curiosity in your offer.

Make a call to action that customers want. The idea is to give away enough “how to” knowledge in the Webinar to create hunger for a short-cut at the end. In other words, the goal is to get prospects hungry for a faster, easier way to get ALL the details you just spent 60 minutes talking about.

At the end of your Webinar, if you’ve structured it correctly, viewers will crave more from you. They’ll want more clarity, more insights … more specific details about you or your MLM business. Your call to action gives them a way to satisfy that hunger—and it gives you a lead (or sale).

The idea is to present content that helps the prospects desire your offer. That way at the end of webinar when you’re making the sales pitch to buy your product/service— is the next logical step for them.

You see, using this process transforms what you sell from “something I need to think about buying later” into “I need to buy right now.”

Use this “simple formula” to structure your Webinar. Grab and hold your audience to the very end. Make it generate leads. Make every single second of your presentation specific to “what’s in it” for THEM. Now that you understand how to sell using your webinar.

LISTEN: ▶️ Get Your Prospects Hungry For More

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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