MLMT 257: Effective Tools To Stand Out From Your Competitors

MLM Trigger Episode #257

We talked about how to attract people that are interested in what you are selling and today let’s talk about how to keep the prospect interested so they buy from you.

The key to interest any prospect lies in the art of proper communication.

After attracting attention make sure your message is: HEARD - READ - SEEN - UNDERSTOOD.

No matter what you say or how you say it, regardless of what method you may use to attract attention— your advertising of yourself doesn’t do the job for you. It doesn’t sell you or your ideas to your prospect unless you interest those prospects attention that you have attracted.

You have to interest them in what you have to offer, as well as your personality, your knowledge, your ability, your future value to them of what you are attempting to SELL. You have to hold attention by what you say and how you say it— whether in writing an email, a speech or however you convey your message.

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It is not what you think you can do for your prospective customer that counts… it is what you prospective customer think you can do for him/her.

In order to keep their interest, relate to what is important to your customer.

To influence someone to drop everything else in order to pay attention to you, whether you write of speak, you have to hang on to your audience by keeping them interested.

We prefer to feel that we are BUYING and not being SOLD. So let your prospects feel that it’s his/her idea. Give solutions to your prospects whenever you can.

Be a GIVER and you will discover that the deepest secret of getting in the giving mode the more you will succeed.

The art of communication includes not only what you say or write but how you answer questions to YOURSELF.

—Do you think only of making a sale instead of making a friend?
A sale make a one-time profit for you but a friend may BUY time and time over.

— Do you talk too much and listen too little?
The reaction of your listener can answer this for you - so be aware or how they feel.

— Do you talk of write to impress others?
Many people know what they want to say, but it’s not clear to them and certainly not to their prospects.

— Do you admit that you have been wrong?
It’s a wonderful way to compliment an opponent and win his friendship.

Remember to know your product (YOURSELF). Know your target market (who you are trying to SELL or CONVINCE).

Then follow this strategy that has been proven to be so successful in obtaining results through all times. Communicate in every way that builds and builds up personality.

How to keep your prospective customers interested?

1- Write or say what for them that interest them
2- Make yourself understood
3- Sell yourself by listening
4- Be courteous, prompt and tolerant in advertising yourself
5- Use simple language anyone can understand
6- Be sincere and friendly
7- Be yourself
8- Use your voice and give the opportunity to other to express themselves
9- Let the person WIN by avoiding arguments
10- Be a GIVER

LISTEN: ▶️ Effective Tools To Stand Out From Your Competitors

Next: We are going talk about how to be CONVINCING to convert them into buyer

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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