MLMT 258: Don’t Be One Of The Crowd

MLM Trigger Episode #258

We talked about about how to keep the prospect interested so they buy from you and today how to be CONVINCING to convert them into buyer.

Do you have the quality of being believable and the ability to convince your prospect?

Being believable is born of sincerity and if it is not believed- you have lost the sale.

The Perception of Credibility is one of the most important communication skills to learn. Then you’ll have the ability to persuade people, to change their attitudes, to change their intentions, to change their behaviors.

All of us want to be more effective communicators when selling our MLM product or services. One key to effectiveness is having credibility or being believable.

When we are talking about credibility, we are talking about perceived credibility. Which is how the audience perceives that you are credible.

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Credibility mean perceived credibility - honesty in the eyes of the audience. If you honestly present your product and it’s believed by your prospects, you can sell whatever your offering is.

Keep your advertising honest, sincere, dependable and accompanied with MONEY BACK guarantee. By having some assurance you are letting know the prospect to believe than your product is the honest truth and if they don’t like it they can get a refund.

Truth of your personality as a network marketer is even more important to YOU, than in selling your product you are about to advertise. You can be your own best ally— or your own worst enemy— depending on how you engage with your prospect.

To make people like you, you have to inspire confidence. What you are— speaks more loudly that what you say. Honesty, sincerity, integrity, modesty and unselfishness affect your audience deeply. Why- because people much prefer a clumsy speaker who radiates honesty than a polished speaker who is simply trying to impress.

Convince YOURSELF of your worth and you will find it easier to convince others. None of your prospect will ever be disappointed with what they receive from you, when they compare it, to what they were promised. And no customer will have to change their original opinion of your value to them.

To convince people, whatever you are offering must resolve something they want or need. There have to be a good reason why you think it’s better than what your competitor is offering.

Who you are, what your are, what you know or what you can do, becomes very important only after your prospect is convinced that you are telling the truth and that the truth can really help them. So keep explaining what you can do for them. Your prospect have to feel that he/she is the one who will benefit the most.

Make them feel that what you are getting out of the transaction is small compared with their gain.

Remember that quality isn’t enough of an incentive to bring customers back again and again. Repeat sales and not one sale, are the lifeblood of your business. However, personality, personal relationship and habit keep customers coming back and becoming raving fans.

Tips for being convincing:

1- Convince YOURSELF first by knowing yourself to sell yourself
2- Be honest, sincere and consider your prospect’s feelings
3- Inspire confidence for respect
4- Relate to your prospect
5- Don’t exaggerate or brag

When you can SELL a total stranger the picture you want him/her to have of you, you have proved that you are a SALESMAN/ SALESWOMAN. You have been believable and convincing. The most important PRODUCT, you have to sell is YOU.

LISTEN: ▶️ Don’t Be One Of The Crowd

Next: We are going talk about how to GET ACTION in response to what you want them to do.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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