MLMT 153: Curiosity Is The Key

MLM Trigger Episode #153

Today let’s talk about the false beliefs someone have about your new opportunity, that keep them from moving forward.

Many people view objections as a bad thing when in reality, they indicate that people are interested enough in your products, company, or industry to seek answers and solutions.

When you learn How to BRIDGE STORY Effectively, it's generally pretty easy to overcome most people's concerns. And once you help them resolve their concerns or their false beliefs, they will feel comfortable and educated enough to move ahead with you.

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Many times, once you change that big belief for them, they immediately start coming up with other concerns. Most people feel like they need to spend time trying to convince people to join their opportunity.

Maybe you think, once this prospect sees this business the way you see it they'll want to join. But the odds of turning this prospect into a leader are slim to none.

Unless you understand the three core beliefs that come to the surface and keep someone from buying, even if they believe the new opportunity is right for them.

They may have a false beliefs about the vehicle or new opportunity you’re presenting them.

They may have a false internal beliefs about their own abilities to execute on the new opportunity.

They may have a false external beliefs about outside forces that could keep them from succeeding.

You need to imagine what their false beliefs are related to each of these three things and write them down. Think about all the false beliefs you found that are related to “the vehicle”. Do the same thing for the false beliefs about their own “internal beliefs” and “external beliefs”.

Now decide which which of those false beliefs is the CORE belief holding them back in each category. Now that you have your list of false beliefs, you will also need an Epiphany Bridge story to go with each of them.

Identify the #1 reason in each category that would keep them from taking action on your new opportunity.

Let me show you an example:

You want to pique their curiosity by sharing your opportunity switch headline.

How to Create an MLM Funnel in Less Than 30 Minutes Without Having to Hire a Tech Guy

The goal here is to get them to believe in the Big Domino statement

If you can make people believe that MLM funnels are the key to online business success and are only attainable through your MLM opportunity, then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to join your opportunity.

Then you tell them your Epiphany Bridge story so they have the first “aha moment” and they need to have a funnel, too. But as soon as you do that, the core false beliefs about the Big Domino rise to the surface.

False Belief #1 (The Vehicle) “Funnels sound cool, but I don’t understand how they would work for me.”

False Belief #2 (Internal Beliefs) “I’m sold on funnels, but I’m not technically inclined, so I don’t think I could build one.”

False Belief #3 (External Beliefs) “I think I could build a funnel, but even if I did, I don’t know how to drive traffic into it.”

Now that you have the three core false beliefs, you have to find the Epiphany Bridge stories that will break their core chains of false belief.

False Belief #1: I don’t understand how it would work for me.

• Epiphany Bridge Stories for False Belief #1: For this, I tell them about modeling a successful funnel and how they can do that with any successful funnel in their market.

False Belief #2: I’m not technical.

• Epiphany Bridge Stories for False Belief #2: I tell the story about how to be able to built it with Funnels software. Then show them a product demo so they see how easy it is even if they are not technical.

False Belief #3: I don’t know how to drive traffic.

• Epiphany Bridge Stories for False Belief #3: Tell them your story about how you reverse engineer from where your competitors get traffic, so you can easily get traffic from the same places.

Each of those false beliefs and the stories that go with them are the secret that causes curiosity so people will want to listen and believe in your message.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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