MLMT 110: Creative Ways To Integrate With Your Audience

MLM Trigger Episode #110

The first goal is to start building relationships with your Dream 100. 'Dig your well, before you're thirsty' quotation - in relation to things you want to happen six months or more from now. In particular, reflect on things you want to happen in your career and list people who might be able to help you.

Dig Your Well Strategy #1: You start by following your Dream 100, sending friend requests, subscribing to their emails lists, blogs, and podcasts, and buying their products. You want to put them on your radar so you could see what they were doing and get to know who they were before you make your first contact.

There is nothing worse than getting a meeting with an influencer and not knowing who they are, what they’re working on or what’s important to them. If you want to build a relationship with your Dream 100, you need to be prepared.

Dig Your Well Strategy #2: After you know who they are and understand what’s important to them, you want to give them a platform that helps to promote them, but at the same time gives you the ability to build a relationship with them.

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The way to do that is to interview them in your podcast or your blog. Usually you can get 30 minutes to ask them questions and build a relationship during that interview. When you promote that interview, it helps them as well. The best partnership starts with interviewing them and then taking that relationship from the interview into:

Dig Your Well Strategy #3.

Now that you have a basic relationship with them, one of the main things is to ask what project they’re working on what is most important to them at the moment. After they tell you, figure out what extra value you can offer to help them reach their goal. And that’s it. It’s simple, You’re digging your well BEFORE you’re thirsty.

When should you start “digging your well”? Well, there is an old Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.” You need to start this strategy NOW, no matter where you are in your business today.

After you’ve spent time digging your well, start looking for ways to leverage these relationships to gain access to their followers. If you have created a truly new opportunity that will serve their audience, then there are lots of ways you can work together. If you’ve “picked” a niche, then you’ll likely be in direct competition with many of your Dream 100.

But if you’ve created your niche—your new opportunity—then you should be complementary to most of them. This makes the promotion process a lot easier.

Promotion Strategy #1: The easiest and best way to work with your Dream 100 is to get them to promote you and your new opportunity to their following. That’s your #1 goal. You focus hard on the relationship. And when the time is right, you ask them to promote your webinar. You reach out to your Dream 100 by sending them a physical newsletter and package in the mail every month with information about the special promotions you are running and how they can be part of them. Even though you Dream 100 will grown to 100+ people, you still send a package and give them a call every month.

Not everyone on your Dream 100 will promote your products. In fact, many of them won’t get on the phone. But you still consistently market to them, because one YES can put you in front of their audience of hundreds of thousands of people or more! It’s worth to consistently build relationships with those people.

Promotion Strategy #2: While your main goal is to get your Dream 100 to promote your product, oftentimes they can’t or won’t, and that’s okay. Over the past few years, most of the social networks have opened up their advertising platforms so you can promote to the fans and followers of specific people or companies. For example, you can go to Facebook and show your ads to all the Tony Robbins fans. You could go to Twitter and target your Dream 100 fans.

So, create specific ads to target the followers of each person on your Dream 100 list. Each network is different and they change frequently, so you’ll need to stay on top of the networks you want to use.

Promotion Strategy #3: Where does the last 30% come from? About 10% comes from marketing, search engine optimization, and other things you’re doing each day, and the last 20% comes from something called “integration marketing” an awesome book by Mark Joyner. He shows you how to integrate into the sales flow of your Dream 100.

How can you integrate into your— Dream 100 sales funnels?

If you look at the sales path that customers of people on your Dream 100 are going through, you can find places where it would make sense for your products or services to be offered. The idea is to integrate your offers into their natural sales funnel.

-You can put one of your products on one of their thank-you pages.
-You can put your ad in a PS on their emails
-You could co-create a product that you both promote and both get customers from. This way, you will get a continuous stream of customers.

There are thousands of creative ways to integrate with your Dream 100.

There are so many ways to drive traffic and fill your funnels. But ALL the strategies are built on the foundation of the Dream 100. When you understand the strategy behind how and why this works, you can quickly and easily start getting customers into your funnel. Again, the tactics will change. But if you master the Dream 100 strategy, you will always be able to fill your funnels with new people.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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