MLMT 261: Creating Good Will

MLM Trigger Episode #261

We talked about why prospects will need your offering. And today let’s talk about how to create a successful content marketing strategy.

If you really believe in your product, you are a much better convincer than if you are only advertising your product. Poor writers you can do better than good writers, if they are more sincere about what they are writing about their product. A person of integrity cannot deliver convincing copy like an email or advertising about the product or service unless he/she has sold himself/herself on it.

We can always go back in time and utilize the formula that Walter Dill Scott wrote in his book “The Psychology of Advertising”.

The four requirements are: ATTRACT - INTEREST - CONVINCE - ACTION

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Your advertising is wasteful if it doesn’t get action. You got first to attract your prospect, then give them something they want or need that they can’t resist. And next you have to be convincing in a way that is sincere because it build not only sales and customers but your reputation as well.

To be completely honest as an advertiser is even more important to you than truth in selling your product that you are about to advertise. Give the reader a chance to make a deal with you— not tomorrow or next week but NOW right away. When your prospect give you their email address just follow up immediately and make a unique offer of something that they cannot refuse.

People hate to change their minds, their habits and their routines. When people see your advertising and read the content, their attitude is “SO WHAT?”.

Answer those question to yourself before you write you email or advertising.

Why should anyone read or listen your advertising?

Start with the right subject line. The one that tells your readers what they need to do after reading the email or the ad, not why you're sending it.

Why should anyone believe your advertising?

In essence, "What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it" serves as a reminder to prioritize substance over style.

Why should anyone do anything about what you advertise?

With advertising, you can convey your core values and mission. The product generally select the audience. So attract value-driven customers to you and make people feel positive about doing business with you.

Why should it be acted upon it immediately?

Ideally, advertising should make it easier to say YES than to say NO. We don’t sell our product, we sell the benefit our product will create. Give the reader a chance to make a buy NOW— not tomorrow but RIGH AWAY.

To induce people to drop everything they are doing now and pay attention to you, you have to interrupt them with a worthwhile reward. You can’t expect them to read your story unless it is more important than whatever it is they are doing at the moment.

So first analyze your product. What symptoms does it relieve?

Don’t forget that nothing is bought unless there is a reason for buying it.

That reason is the symptom that exists and you want to offer your product as the solution. We want to take our ordinary MLM products and create some news about it.

The key to advertising is to be honest because you’ll create satisfied customers who recommend your product to other prospects. You have to do it by creating good will. Customers are you best prospects, so get customers no matter what it costs.

LISTEN: ▶️ Creating Good Will

Next: We are going to talk about how to test your offer

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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