MLMT 191:  Communication That Impact Sales

MLM Trigger Episode #191

We talked about the wide variety of email marketing techniques that we need to use and today let’s see why your MLM product is NEVER good enough to sell itself.

When you build your product campaign, you need to start with what you are trying to accomplish and who you want to reach. This is because when you introduce your MLM product (or service) it needs to have an effective marketing communication to impact sales. It also requires that you understand your audience and their needs.

One of the most inspiring product-market fit case studies, that stands out: It’s the story of PT. Barnum and the Barnum's American Museum in NY City in the early 1800’.

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Barnum used different strategies to get more people to come to his museum. It was a Museum of random and rare artifacts and he would asked. “How can I get people to physically show up to my museum on a consistent basis?”

Until one day when he met a Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind (also known as the "Swedish Nightingale”) Everyone in Europe knew her and she was very famous and had a massive following.

So PT Barnum has an idea… to bring her to America. And maybe she would help him fill his museum. He reached out to Jenny Lind and said, “Hey, would you come over to America and sing your amazing opera songs?”

she agreed to come to American because PT Barnum promised her a great deal of money, which she eventually donated all the in profits to charity.

Barnum walked down the street and started talking to people about the fact that he was bringing the famous European opera singer, Jenny Lind to America. But no one knew who she was… And Barnum realized that he had gone into DEBT just to bring Jenny Lind to America and nobody knew who she was.

So, Barnum created a STORY… A campaign around Jenny Lind so that people knew who she was when he brought her to America. Barnum hired 46 reporters and started feeding the media stories about Jenny Lind. Stories are about what she liked, disliked, what she loved and her personal opinions on social matters. They created an entire character around Jenny Lind in the press and she was not even there yet. The purpose was to educate the media on who she was.

You see a marketing campaign is a series of organized messages to be communicated to a specific audience through various communication channels to achieve a desired goal and this is exactly what Barnum did back then.

By the time Jenny Lind showed up… There were 30,000 people waiting for her at the docks. There’s so much buzz and 20,000 people follow her to her hotel.

Barnum keeps selling out all the stage performances. “Come to hear the amazing Jenny Lind sing.” He had all these AMAZING campaigns and they were making so much money.

Eventually Jenny Lind quit the tour because she was uncomfortable with Barnum's relentless marketing of her. After 93 concerts, they broke ties and she left and completed the tour under new management.

She believed that it was her voice that was getting all these people to come see her and followed her. But when she went off on her own… she couldn’t fill a single auditorium. Time, after time she tried to fill these auditoriums, and some people came but not enough to sustain it. Eventually, it all stopped because there wasn’t any BUZZ anymore. Barnum was no longer part of the action. Her business dropped so.o.o fast… Not that much earlier 30,000 people greeted her on the docks as she came in… But almost nobody noticed when she got back on the ship and went back to Europe.

What can we learn from that very fascinating and powerful story?

What you have to understand is that MOST people in MLM do the same thing… thinking that their product is the reason that people are showing up. When you hear your corporate headquarter say, “The product is so good, all you have to do is get it in front of people.” No, it’s not your product because the product has NOTHING to do with the product itself. Products DON’T sell like that.

Jenny Lind was an amazing opera singer and one of the most famous opera singer in the world at the time. But Barnum made her huge. Jenny Lind thought she was the product and that people wanted to see her…

But what did she forget to do? She didn’t do any campaigns - There were no sales messages - She didn’t feed the press anything… She literally stopped marketing herself. THAT is why she couldn’t fill a single auditorium.

Look at your MLM’s products, whether it’s physical, digital, whatever it might be… This is the reason why people can’t sell their product AND the reason why your prospect don’t buy your product. Most of the time, people in MLM’s say you can’t use the internet. But ANYONE can use the internet… Just don’t say your MLM’s name.

Whatever your offer is, look at it, and ask yourself, “Am I relying on the product to sell itself?”

Understand that in order to SELL— you need to create campaigns and generate a buzz like PT. Barnum did for Jenny Lind. The offer is what fulfills the promise that your sales message made. When you understand the role of the offer and the sales message, MLM gets really easy.

There are FOUR lessons to take away from this.

#1 Stop relying on your product to sell itself

#2 Create a campaign for your product

#3 Perfect your sales message and become good at telling stories to people

#4 Create and generate a positive buzz around your product, just like Barnum did

If you can understand the patterns they used to generate a buzz, and then add the internet… nothing will stop you. This is one of the most powerful lesson you can learn today.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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