MLMT 166: Building Interest & Creating True Believers

MLM Trigger Episode #166

We talked about how to use a powerful tip to get the prospect say YES over and over again. Today let’s talk about one of the biggest secret to have your product paid for before the customer get it.

The way you can get your product paid for in advance by using a self liquidated offer.

After people register to your webinar, you take them to a thank-you page where you give them the basic information for the webinar. On this page, you include a video talking about why you’re so excited for the webinar.

They NEED to feel your passion for the subject or they won’t show up. Remember, the registration page is about curiosity. The thank-you page is about your passion and excitement for what they are about to experience on the webinar.

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One of the biggest secrets about the thank-you page is that you can use it to sell people something. Call the “self-liquidating offer”. There are a few reasons you want to include this offer here.

Self-liquidating offer means it liquidates your COST. That’s right, often you can completely cover your cost from creating the product you offer on your thank-you page. That means everything you sell on the webinar is pure profit.

If they buy something that complements what the webinar is about, they are more likely to show up live for your online webinar.

Buyers in motion tend to stay in motion, unless you do something to offend them. That means if they buy from you BEFORE the webinar, they are a lot more likely to buy from you ON the webinar.

Your self-liquidating offer should be low price, usually $1 trial to a membership site or $9 to $39. You can even decide to give away a free trial to a membership on the thank-you page.

Another way you can get your product paid for in advance is by pre-selling them your offer before you open the doors to your audience. First you document the journey and the creation of your product in front of your audience and then you pre-sell it to them. When they are invested in the success of the product they feel that they are a part of what you have created. By including your audience in your process, you have created true believers.

Think about what happens when Hollywood releases a new blockbuster?

Six months before a movie goes out they start getting people ready. They start creating curiosity, they start building that pressure. As a marketer you need to build pressure towards a purchasing event.

You want to do the exact same strategy for the next paid product. You are literally building your offer in front of the people who will buy it. It doesn’t matter if you are selling an info product, writing a book or creating products for retail. If you take your product and deconstruct it in front of your customers and you include them in its creation by showing them how it works, your sales will increase tremendously.

That way you avoid wasting your time and money creating a product that nobody wants. On the other hand you will be able to create the best product for your dream customers. This is the smartest way to build and sell your products and opportunity. And more importantly this is the best way to serve your customers and yourself as a marketer. Everyone wins in this equation.

What’s beautiful about this whole strategy is that you’re showing your potential customers the product they’re getting before they buy it which increases curiosity and desire…

When a potential customer spends that amount of time with you, they become invested in both your attractive character and the product you’re selling. You can use this strategy to both launch a new product, or to showcase the benefits of an existing one.

The principle of showing your prospective customers how you are going to sell it to them, create tremendous value. Because you are adding value at the same time, people are invested and it doesn’t feel like selling.

You are demonstrating the product to the very audience that is most likely to buy it.

You are getting valuable feedback about which features your customers love or would like to see.

You are building interest and creating true believers who are invested in the product and feel an internal pressure to buy. You are braking the false beliefs and creating new beliefs as they engage in the process with you.

The whole point is to take the customer on the creation of the product with you. It will create a massive affinity which lead them to become true fans. This is extremely powerful.

LISTEN: ▶️ Building Interest & Creating True Believers

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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