MLMT 186: Ask Them What They Don’t Want

MLM Trigger Episode #186

We talked about the formula to add value to your sales funnel and today let’s talk about finding the WHO before creating you sales message.

One of the biggest keys and one of the biggest misconceptions is you should stop asking your prospects what they want.

The MLM industry actually raise a really important point about their marketing, and it’s something a lot of people misunderstand. It speaks to people who are doing network marketing, who are in pain and hate the fact that they run out of people. They just don’t know another way to market their products.

Because the real key to discovering how you can best serve your audience is NOT by asking people what they want… It’s by asking them what they don’t want.

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Here’s the key difference between the two concepts: Asking... what do you want?

is putting the pressure of describing a solution onto the person who doesn’t have the problem yet. And they may not be able to fully explain it, because they’ve not experienced it yet.

So you’re shooting in the dark… It’s challenging for you as a network marketer to Magic up something that matches the incomplete description your marketing company just gave you.

But asking “what do you want to avoid?” gives you something to shoot at… A problem to solve with your product/services, as clearly defined by the person currently experiencing that problem.

You want to be careful about what YOU sell, NOT based on the product but based on the sales message and focus on existing problems, not an imagined solution.

Focusing on the problems your prospect has currently, and asking them about what they already know and understand…Instead of forcing them to discuss a solution they can’t yet feel, or fully recognize.

Asking your prospects what their problems are before you start outlining your solution to those problems, you gain deep insights that you would otherwise miss. It becomes a major part of marketing effectively today.

So, talking with your customers lets you get information directly from them. And by asking them what they want to avoid… What they want “never to happen to them again”… What they want to eliminate from their lives as fast as possible… That’s where the most valuable insights are.

Before asking those questions you want really define your best MLM target audience.

Why so many people drop out of their network marketing business within 90 days? After spending money and getting nowhere fast, they realize that all the people they talked with had zero interest in their MLM business. Focusing a lot of time chasing people using techniques that are clearly outdated. Trying to get everyone and anyone interested in your business can often lead to frustration.

Your MLM target market is the type of people who would be interested in your offer and to whom you could market your product, services or business opportunity. We may serve the same target market but offer different products or services which solve different problems.

That’s where a niche market comes in. Defining your target market and your niche is the key to understanding WHO you should be talking to, about your network marketing products and business. Not only will they already be interested, but YOU will be delivering value to your target audience.

How do you identify your target audience and niche within that target market?

For example: if you sell nutritional shakes that help women lose weight, you are helping to solve a problem. The problem that you solve is providing a solution to people who want to lose weight but have a difficult time cooking healthy meals due to their busy lives.

Listing out the characteristics of your target market is another good step towards identifying your target audience. A niche within that market is woman who want to lose weight but don’t have time to cook healthy meals.

Your niche market is the specific area in your target audience where you will position yourself as the expert with the solution to their problem. Detailing THIS will help you define your target audience accurately. Create a customer profile.

This is a detailed description of WHO your typical customer may be. These details will help you identify the type of person who will potentially buy your products and services.

Once you understand your niche market and target audience, then you can start finding out more about where these people hang out online. A good way to determine who is likely to become your customer is to clarify the problem that your MLM product or service addresses. Understanding this will help you know who needs your product. This person is your customer.

After you talk to enough people in your MLM target audience, you will get better at recruiting prospects to become customers or distributors.

Why? Because you are focused on the needs of a specific MLM target audience. When you dig in and define to whom you marketing, you will understand them better. You will know their pain points and how to frame your conversation around solutions that can help them.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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