MLMT 138: Add Recurring Revenue For Your Business

MLM Trigger Episode #138

We talked about the FUNNEL #2: SELF-LIQUIDATING OFFER of the FRONTEND FUNNEL and today let’s go over the last one FUNNEL #3: CONTINUITY.

The last type of frontend funnel is the Continuity Funnel. Every successful entrepreneurs have a continuity of income stream in their business. In every business, there are ways to add continuity income, and it’s an essential part of every Value Ladder. Continuity is when you get paid regularly, usually every month, for ongoing access to information or software or some other product.

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The funnel itself is very simple. Once a visitor has moved through either a Two-Step or to the Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel and made it through the email sequence, then you send them through a short email sequence promoting your MLM opportunity via a Continuity Funnel.

Once people sign as an independent associate in your team, they are charged on a regular basis for continuing. Usually, this is a monthly charge.

You can use this funnel as a frontend to generate leads and use them as the second funnel in your email sequence—after you customers have had a chance to bond with the “you” the Attractive Character. You want to send them information about your product and opportunity to dramatically increase the active rate (how long the customer/associate remains an active, paying member).

Now, one exciting thing about this funnel— is you are able to use the same scripts that we have already introduced to get people to join your company continuity programs.

If you are selling a free or one-dollar trial, then the “Who, What, Why, How” script typically works the best. You will have an incredible success adding in order form bumps that give your customers training on how to use the continuity product/opportunity.

If you are planning on selling opportunity continuity without a trial, then using the “Star, Story, Solution” script which would work the best for that funnel.

Let’s recap the 3 FRONTEND FUNNELS that we talked about so far.

The FRONTEND funnel #1: The Two Step - Free Plus Shipping funnel. The Two-Step Funnel works really well for the free-plus-shipping offers we discussed earlier. The first page typically has a video using the “Who, What, Why, How” script. Then the page asks visitors, “Where should I ship this?” They fill out the shipping address form (that’s step one) and then move on to step two where they fill in credit card information for the shipping and handling charge. As we mentioned before, adding an order form bump on step two is a great way to increase frontend revenues.

The FRONTEND funnel #2: The Self Liquidating Offer. Typically, we use the Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO) Funnel when we are trying to sell a product that’s priced anywhere from twenty-seven to ninety-seven dollars. The main goal is to have this frontend product cover the expenses of buying traffic. You hope to break even. That is why it is call a “self-liquidating offer”— because if you structure it right, you won’t have any traffic costs, and your up-sells become pure profit.

In general, with the Self-Liquidating Offer— you should break even before any up-sells. First, you’re going to attract people with a free video, report, ebook, or other lead magnet on your squeeze page. Typically, you “bribe” to get them to give you an email address. Then, once the visitors subscribe to your list, they land on your the Self-Liquidating Offer page, which sells your core offer. This is generally a video or a long-form-text sales letter using the “Star, Story, Solution” script.

The FRONTEND funnel #3: The Continuity. The Continuity Funnel is designed to generate recurring revenue for your business. The goal with the squeeze page in this funnel is to capture leads that are interested in the product or opportunity of your company continuity program. The $1 product trial is extremely effective because a dollar is an attractive impulse buy for people.

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The top producers in MLM don't make a list of 200 people, don't do home meetings or anything like that. They use something equivalent of a sales funnels.

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